You must think consciously while throwing these types of foods in your fridge as they don’t belong to be in there. While unpacking to the nearby supermarket, it would be tempting enough to put almost every perishable product or food item in your fridge. But for some of the products, they only gear up the spoilage to the fridge and the other items inside in the fridge.

Here are a couple of foods that don’t belong to be in your fridge:

Winter Squashes

Squash bottles that are seasonal, especially during the chilly winter season will definitely last longer outside of the refrigerator. Variables such as butternuts and spaghetti are fine when you put them at room temperature as they will last outside for several weeks. So, its better to keep these items outside and save some room for other food items that must be in the fridge.


Potatoes are a no-no when it comes to refrigerating them as the starch in the potatoes breaks down and it eventually results in a gritty texture, leaving behind an unpleasant sweet taste. Instead, put your spuds in a dark and cool environment outside the fridge to keep them fresh and they will last longer and tasty while you cook them and make dishes out of them.


Chilly tomatoes lead to a sad, lackluster taste, that becomes similar to the flavor of such tomatoes that you would buy in the mid-winter season. So, you should never leave tomatoes in the fridge. If your tomatoes are about to go bad in taste, make a ketchup or a savory tomato jam out of them.


Bread will be dried if you keep them in the fridge. Leave the bread outside the fridge on the countertop of the kitchen to keep its flavor and texture ideal enough to eat. If you want to eat the rest of the bread later, wrap it up in a tight manner with a plastic wrap to keep away the moisture getting inside the bread.


Thinking about putting onions in your fridge? No, it’s a bad idea as they turn into a mushy and moldy mess. Instead, store them in a cooler and dark place inside the kitchen to keep them fresh and healthy to eat or to be added to your dishes.


It would impossible for you to pour honey out of the jar when you refrigerate it. The cold temps make the honey thickened and seize them up. Honey is perfectly safe to be stored in your pantry or a shelf of your kitchen as long as it is present in the sealed and airtight container.

Hope you find this article amazing and informative. Do add your views and anything that we have missed to tell you in the above list of items.

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