There are some of the best heart-healthy food items that truly cures and acts like a proper medication for your blood vessels to stay healthy and remain unclogged throughout your life. BetterRead has gathered a list of such food items that actually have a power to prevent clogged arteries or blocked arteries that makes several heart diseases.

Break up with soda

You really need to quit the intake of soda or carbonated fizzy drinks. If you drink soda beverages several times in a day, be realistic about your health. You can swap it with iced tea or plain water. Start the intake of diet soda and make it less and less until you reach the figure zero intake of carbonated drinks.

Fresh Lean Meat

You need to intake veggies and fruits with any type of meat, either it is chicken, mutton or beef. The fresh form of meat, particularly lean meat with no fats at all is healthy and vital for the intake of regular protein required for your body. But, don’t forget to intake veggies and fruits as the biggest portion of your dinner and meat dishes can be taken in the lunchtime.

Leafy greens

You need to add those leafy greens into almost every dietary meal, either it is soup, sandwiches, smoothies, salads or anything else. Get to know the surprising health benefits of a beet juice or eating beets regularly. Spinach, kale, lettuce and other leafy greens are rich in nitrates which forms nitric oxide during digestion, making arteries resistant to contraction, blood clotting, plaque and therefore, heart attacks don’t happen.

Herbs and Spices

Add herbs and spices to your dietary meals on a regular basis. Spices and herbs that consists of cloves, all dried spices, nutmeg, oatmeal, and even a morning cup of coffee can be considered for the prevention of clogged arteries. Add spices to your salads, soups, and other meals as well.

Coffee in a moderate Amount

You need to restrict yourself to at least three to four cups of coffee in a day as a cup of coffee without artificial sweeteners is surprisingly healthy for the people who are having a risk of heart diseases. Enjoy your cup of joe but in a moderate amount as the excess of anything is bad for health. Also, read about signs that you are drinking too much coffee!


Veggies are a fresh source of essential vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients perfect for heart and that can’t be neglected. You need to intake one serving of fruits and veggies in a day as a regular meal plan. Eight to twelve servings of vegetables in a week is ideal for your heart health and it also prevents the clogged arteries as well. There are such type of vegetables also that helps to fight back cancer as well.


You need to drink one more cup than your regular intake from now on as it is essential for the heart health and also prevents choking of arteries as well as it blocks cholesterol from getting absorbed in your blood. So, if you are a tea drinker, aim for three cups a day, one with each meal.Hope, you find this article informative thing to read for today. Do share your views on this one.Also Read: Health Benefits of Mangoes You Never Knew Before


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