These bedtime snacks are really a bad idea for your health as it is going to leave you tossing and turning, either running to washroom off and on or upsetting your stomach.

BetterRead has made a list of not so healthy bedtime food items that you really need to avoid so that you can stay safe for the rest of the other day.

Fried foods

Do not mix your late-night cravings with a trip to a fast food restaurant. Fatty and greasy food items get to your digestive system in a real slow manner in comparison with carbs and protein, so your body will still be going to hard at work by the time you try to go to bed for sleeping. We are pretty much sure that you won’t be having an extra urge for upsetting your digestive system when the rest of your body is trying to get ready for sleeping.

Hot sauce

The two major reasons to skip spicy food before a bedtime is that as they create an itch to the inside of the stomach and also causes heartburn as well, making it really an impossible kind of situation to fall asleep. The interaction of hot sauce also tends to create a passage for histamines that releases within your body. Anti-histamines make you feel sleepy during the night time, but on the other side, histamines tend to promote wakefulness in your body.


You definitely won’t like to sip down a cup of coffee before going to bed, but it isn’t the only source of caffeine. One ounce of dark or a regular chocolate consists of 23 milligrams of caffeine, which is almost a quarter of the amount in a cup of coffee. So, you need to avoid the intake of chocolate before going to bed.


Majority of the time, the extra hydration for your body deserves thumbs up. But as the clock ticks toward bedtime, you will feel the need of frequent urination as you are going to drag yourself out of the bed to use washroom of and on. All you need to do is to drink an adequate amount of water during the rest of the day and at the time of the dinner so that your body has enough water in it. Also get to know about the Foods that Will Keep You Hydrated All Day Long


It is not a surprise, but it is worth noticing that how frequent you must cut your coffee intake before going to bed. With caffeine intake, the most common rule in the sleeping field is no later than having it in the early afternoon. These are the Signs You're Drinking Too Much Coffee.

Workout helpers

Sports shakes and snacks often consist of caffeine to boost up gym enthusiasts or workout freaks. You must avoid the intake of such supplements or shake as you go to bed, and you need to read out the label of ingredients in your protein shake as you are finished with your gym session to make sure that caffeine isn’t the core ingredient of it. Avoid the intake of such workout helpers while going to bed.

Hope, you find this article an informative thing to read. Do share your views on this one.

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