We are what we eat” is an oft-quoted proverb and most of us have heard it thousands of times before. But what we do before the intake of our food also has a significant impact on our health and bodies. Here at SooperChef we have pointed out five things that you should never do on an empty stomach.

1. Drink Coffee

Even decaffeinated coffee can cause acid production in the body when taken on an empty stomach. This acid production can cause severe heartburn and other ailments of the digestive tract. Skipping breakfast after coffee may also lead to a gloomy mood due to serotonin deficiency in the body.

2. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum on an empty stomach produces digestive acid that destroys the lining of the empty stomach. Excessive use of chewing gum might also lead to gastritis.

3. Go To Bed

Skipping dinner before going to bed might be one of the worse things that you can do to your body. Low glucose levels and hunger prevent the body from sleeping and cause superficial sleep along with early awakenings. Interestingly, a lack of sleep also boosts the hunger hormones which cause over consumption of meals the following day.

4. Intense Workouts

There is a common opinion that working out on an empty stomach burns fat and excess calories. But this is far from the truth as it only influences muscle loss, and does more harm than good. The workout intensity is also reduced since the body is running on empty.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is bad for the health as it is, but consuming it on an empty stomach intensifies the damage. The absorption rate is doubled; the removal of alcohol in the body slows down, causing an extreme hangover and nauseating situation. This rapid effect of alcohol has extremely adverse effects on vital organs like heart, kidney, and liver.


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