We all hear every now and then that some food products are better than other ones as they are packed with more nutrients and healthy compounds like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Such food products are referred to as superfoods. These include blueberry, avocado, Chia seeds, and salmon etc. the writing team of sooperchef.pk has decided to discover whether or not everyday products such as garlic, tomatoes, and cherries are good for women’s health, and has come up with a list of 5 everyday foods for women’s health that can prove to be better than the most popular superfoods!


A mere serving of 6 cloves of garlic can have up to 17% of vitamin B6 and 23% of manganese of the daily value. This wonder veggie helps reduce strain on the heart and provides help to it when dealing with demanding workouts, so if you are on a vigorous workout regime, garlic can be a real game changer. A decrease in the estrogen levels after menopause is natural, which weakens the bones: a serving of half of a raw garlic clove (2 g) will prove to be enough to protect your bones from osteoporosis in that case.


Only a 100 g (3.50 oz) of beef has about 53% of zinc, 16% of iron, 40% of vitamin B12, and 12% of vitamin B2 of the daily nutritional value. It aids in relieving the body from PMS symptoms and it ensures the enrichment of the body with iron. Vitamins B12 and B2 present in beef aid the body when dealing with PMS symptoms very well. Feelings of fatigue and dizziness, and skin becoming very pale are all signs of deficiency of iron from the body. Beef helps stock up iron reserves during menstrual periods and the high content of zinc in beef is very helpful for the hair and nails.


A medium sized bowl of tomatoes holds almost about 42% of vitamin C, 47% of vitamin A, and 11% of vitamin B9 of the daily value. Vitamin A is an extremely important nutrient when skin and hair health is under consideration. Lycopene present in tomatoes helps protect our skin from sunburn and other skin ailments. Furthermore, Vitamin B9 improves cell growth and development and is extremely helpful in pregnancy, while Vitamin B9 provides protection against depression and breast cancer.


A serving of 10 oz (300 g) of baked potato skin has about 46% of vitamin B6 and 48% of vitamin C of the daily value. An abundance of free radicals in the body can lead to infertility. Potatoes; loaded with a rich dose of antioxidants protect the body against these free radicals. Often labeled as fattening food, Potatoes in fact help decrease hunger and the vitamin B6 present in the potatoes also has positive effects on the metabolism.


A cup of cherries has about 20% of vitamin C and 40% of vitamin A of the daily value. Cherry juice is also a great relief from pain after heavy workouts and helps in faster recovery. A study showed that women suffer from insomnia more often than men, Cherry juice can be greatly helpful for you if you want to fall asleep faster than and have better sleep. Furthermore, cherry juice protects the brain cells from Alzheimer’s disease after the decrease of Estrogen levels, especially during menopause.Read more: Five Reasons to Have Watermelon Everyday

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