Marriage dinner or your in-house dinner party: After downing a couple of meaty dishes and stuffing’s, you stomach tends to give a firm no-no to that extra slice of a sweet cake. A voice in your head screams for another idea that tomorrow is a holiday and you have to eat it. After the consumption of the last delectable bite, your stomach starts taking revenge in the worst way possible: with a food spill over your clothes. Belly bloat is your body’s way of saying, ‘you have stuffed me enough’. This can be hard and challenging to avoid during holidays when marriage season is on and stuffing yourself with extra food is expected. Bloating may be also caused by eating something that your stomach might not agree with, chunking down too quickly in an instant manner. This horrible bloating can last up to a day, totally putting a postpone on your weekend plans. It is best to try to avoid bloating before it happens to you, but if the damage is already done and you do not want to be questioned when your due date is, here are the easy tips that will help you recover in a quick manner.

Drinking water

Many wedding dishes are loaded with sodium, which makes the body to hand onto excessive water and leaves your whole body, not just your middle distended. You can down ample of water after the meal. It will help you to flush out the sodium and will also shrink your stomach instantly.

Get off the couch

If your piece of cake or a fruit trifle want to sink into the sofa after the dinner, we have heard you. It might be the last thing you feel like doing after a long day of eating, trying to get up and burn off some of those calories will help you take the extra pressure off your belly and stimulate your digestive system as well. Going for a walk is recommended after a huge eating, even 15 minutes of the walk will help.

Eat breakfast the next morning

If you have over-rated on the meal last night, the best thing you can do Is to resume your healthy eating the next day. Make sure to have a well-balanced breakfast right the next morning. Eat scrambled eggs with oatmeal and wheat toast or almond butter.

Snack on a banana

If drinking lot of water isn’t helping you to get rid of the bloated feeling, try eating foods rich in potassium such as bananas, oranges, etc.

Sip hot tea

Drink a cup of hot tea, it will relax your muscles and will alleviate the excessive gas that will be causing you to feel crampy. Green tea is the recommended one after excessive eating at a dinner party.

Give your stomach a break

It will feel tempting to eat more and more if you are surrounded by rich and delicious Pakistani dishes or Other Dishes. Once you have eaten a lot. Do not remind to have a midnight snack or a left-over pie in your fridge the next day. Promise yourself that you will eat the rest of the food in the afternoon. Yes, we are talking about eating it as a lunch in the next day.

Hope you find this article informative. We would love to hear your comments on this one.

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