The most important meal that leads the rest of the day during the most beloved month of Muslims known as the holy month of Ramadan is Sehri. Sehri meal is cooked an hour before the call of Fajar prayers, prepare and eaten before the Azaan of Fajar, calling Muslims to arrive in the mosque for the first Namaz of the day. It is the opening for a regular fast as Muslims eat at the time of Sehri and their fasting lasts for almost 15 to 16 hours without eating food or drinking anything for the rest of the day till sunset at the time of Maghrib as they break there fast on the time of Iftaar.To maintain the energy level for the rest of a tiresome day, Sehri recipes are considered to be most energizing and rich in nutritional value to keep your hunger and thirst away for the complete Roza. And for sure, you don’t want to feel hungry or lazy during the hot summer days. Moreover, Sehri must be healthy and tasty to satisfy your appetite and quench your thirst as well.SooperChef has got a dedicated category for Sehri recipes with a wide range of delectable dishes as you can select your favorite meal to be cooked by watching 1-minute instant video, within the comfort of your kitchen.Here is the list of mouthwatering Sehri recipes that you need to cook for this year’s Ramadan 2018.Read More: When Is Ramadan 2018 and Everything You Need To Know About It

Omelet Recipe

Eggs are a rich source of proteins and nutritional Vitamins that will pack you with loads of nutrients for the complete day. Omelets are so much easy to be prepared and there is a variety of Omelet recipes offered by SooperChef. You can make any type of Omelet as per your taste as this Digital Food Network has got you served with a wide range of options to make Omelets for Sehri. Get the complete list here.

Mango Lassi

We can’t compromise on the level of thirst that you are going to bear for the rest of the day due to the hot weather conditions as the month of Ramadan is about to arrive during the scorching shiny Summer season. But, this energizing and instant booster drink will last your day pretty well due to its cool taste, satisfying your thirst and maintaining your energy levels as well. You can easily make this drink during the time of Sehri. Get the complete recipe to make Mango Lassi here.

Lahori Murgh Cholay

This one desi delight is a must have for Sehri. It is such a nutritional and healthy meal to curb your appetite and hunger for the rest of the day, keeping your stomach loaded. You can make this recipe within 20-30 minutes of your time during Sehri. Its mouthwatering and delectable taste won’t disappoint your hunger throughout a hectic long day of fasting. Get this delectable recipe simplified in steps by SooperChef here.


Qeema recipes are rich in taste and flavor and when served with sizzling hot parathas, it makes a perfect desi combo to be served at the time of Sehri. You can make Qeema recipes with the help of minced meat as per your likings. Meat can be of Chicken, Mutton or Beef. Meat is loaded with a huge sum of protein, mineral and other micronutrients that helps to keep your stomach full for the rest of the day. Get the complete recipe for Tawa Qeema recipe here.


Nihari is a complete dose of a heavy Sehri meal. It takes your time to cook this delectable and rich in flavor dish, but for sure, it is going to feed you well for a long fasting day due to high nutritional value. Nihari is best served with Roti, Naan, Raita and Salad. Nihari is being loved by foodies during Sehri all across the nation and every region has got its own variant and style of cooking this scrumptious delightful recipe. Get the complete recipe offered by SooperChef here.Read More: Try out Top Five Sweet Recipes with a Delectable TwistDo remember the Muslim Ummah in your prayers during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. We wish that every Muslim understands and follow the true meaning of fasting and act upon the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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