Is it a fact to you that it is harmful to leave your smart devices to be left for charging the whole night? The answer to this question is no, a bold NO. And it isn’t the only myth about our cell phones that we share with other all the time. We have figured out such stupid myths about our devices that needs a stop to believe upon.At BetterRead, we have opted the most common myths or fallacies about our smartphones or device functioning and will let you know why we must stop believing them at all.

The more megapixels a camera has, the best pics it takes

Megapixels don’t affect the quality or elegance of the pictures, they only impact the size of the photos taken. There are various other reasons why the pics can be worse, bad or best in quality like the sensor size, optics and the skills of the person taking the picture.

You can’t leave a phone charging for the entire night

Latest smartphones have lithium-ion batteries in them and they stop charging as they get completely charged. Apart, when this happens, the device still holds a little amount of power inside it. So, the only obvious fact is that you must disconnect your phone when its done charging to avoid more electric consumption.

Better reception means good sound quality

Even if the signal strength is full, it doesn’t mean that the connection bandwidth is perfect. The indicator only depicts the strength of the signal that you are receiving from the nearby radio tower, but, it doesn’t indicate the quality of the connection or the internet speed. If there are ample of other smartphones using the same tower, you might face a trouble with connection even if the signal strength is full.

The incognito mode protects your data

Majority of the users simply don’t read everything that the browser window has to say as they enable the incognito mode feature. Apart, it only deletes the data that is locally stored. Any other outside source or websites visited or ISP’s can still be able to track all of your activities performed.

The “Refresh” button makes tasks work faster

The refresh button on the window screen that we push on the browser of a smartphone or a computer just refreshes the icons according to the recent changes. For instance, if you changed the name of the folder, but you still see the old one. When you push or tap the refresh button, the folder name changes to a new one. It is a myth to be neglected as well.

Use only the original chargers

Original devices can charge your electric gadgets in a faster pace but high quality alternate chargers cause no threat to your phone or a laptop. Although, fake and cheap chargers can damage your devices, so if you are conscious about your device and want to save money as well, pay attention to the price and the manufacturer due to quality products.

You can’t charge your phone until the battery is completely drained

It is a complete fallacy or a wrong fact as it doesn’t work with the modern lithium-ion batteries. In fact, such devices are best to be kept from 40 to 80 percent battery charge, that actually means you must not wait until the battery is completely drained.Hope, you are going to neglect these myths and fallacies from now on. Share your views on this one.Also Read: These Instant Hacks Will Make your Brain Awake When You Need it the Most


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