Our parents have always taught since childhood that sharing is caring, either it is the last piece of candy or when it comes down to talk about your fears and emotions. However, when it comes to sharing your personal things, there is a fine line that should be maintained for the sake of your own health as your health comes first. SooperChef is just not about delectable food recipes covered in 1-minute instant videos for your comfort. When it comes down to talk about health, we are always concerned to let you know the tips and tricks to be followed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here is the special list compiled by for you that you must avoid sharing even with your close friends, nearest or the dearest.

Hats or Caps

Yes, you read it right, hats or anything that touches or covers your head (including combs, brushes, pillowcases, etc.) must not be shared with anyone else. We are sure that you are familiar with the fact that how combs and brushes are capable to spread lice from one head to another. However, this same parasitic guest can travel to your scalp via sleeping on someone else’s pillow or wearing a friend’s cap or hat. So, it is better to buy your own summer or winter hat to hide your head from the sun or cold weather. Make it sure that you are using your own hat or cap only.


Face creams, masks or serums that are packed in a jar are really a personal item for your skincare. As you dip in your finger off and on, there is a potential to spread bacteria, especially when you are going to share it with your friend. It may cause diseases like fungal infections, rashes, psoriasis, eczema and various other skin problems to be troublesome for your face. Do not, I repeat never ever share your beauty products with anyone else to avoid your visits to skin specialists.

Underwear or socks

You share most of the things with your beloved ones and that is wrong. What’s not right about sharing your underwears? Sharing this undergarment can lead to infection such as urinary tract, itching, rashes and much more severe diseases. On the other hand, sharing socks can lead to foot fungus, hives, heel infection and various other harmful diseases for your feet. Make it sure that you have got plenty of undergarments to wear of your own. Stack your wardrobe drawer with plenty of these items.

Toothpicks, Floss or toothbrushes

You can’t even imagine the most personal item of hygiene and that is none other than toothbrushes. An average toothbrush that you have been using for almost three months might result in an increase of various infection as it has an ample of bacteria such as E. Coli, oral herpes bacteria and it has also got the remains of food particles as well. You should also never ever borrow someone else’s toothbrush as well.

Shaving razors

Razors are among the type of products that should be reserved for your personal hygiene only. One must never share the razor with anyone else as it can lead to disease transfer such as hepatitis and other skin infections that you do not want to even imagine about. A bulk quantity of bacteria and even fungi thrive on your razor and can be a cause of severe skin problems.

Earbuds and earphones

A vital item for every music lover is the use of their earphones almost many time a day. But, most of the people barely think about the fact that earphones are covered with bacterial germs from the surfaces they come into contact with. The bacterial growth on them is a fact that one can’t deny. Moreover, bacterial infections can be caused and may harm your ears and eventually you would have to end up visiting an ENT specialist. Don’t stake your health by sharing earphones.

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We would appreciate your views on this. Have a nice day ahead.

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