These every day usable items contains more germs on them in comparison to the toilet seat. They must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, and, we are quite sure that you are likely to be touching at least one to two of them for every single day in your life.

BetterRead has compiled a list of such items. Let us have a look at it:

Cutting board

An average cutting board present in every kitchen has 200 times more fecal bacteria in comparison with a toilet seat. A well-known culprit for this happening is raw meat since the majority of fecal bacteria is firstly originated in animals’ internal organs. So, that happened when you had diced your last chicken cutlet on the cutting board. The tiny particles that are left on your knife during the cutting are the major reason for the germs to get cozy. You need to clean it on a regular basis. Wash your plastic cutting boards with a detergent and water, then soak it in a solution of one gallon of water with two teaspoons of bleach in it. If you have wooden boards, do the same procedure but use 2 tablespoons of bleach in one gallon of water. Here are some of the best tips to clean your kitchen like a piece of a cake.

Your clean laundry

A huge bunch of undergarments is going to transfer at least 100 million E. coli bacteria, the real reason behind happening of diarrhea, to get inside the washing machine, as it becomes the breeding grounds that causes contamination to other clothing. On the contrary, your toilet seat is too dry to be supportive to such a large sum of bacteria. You need to disinfect your washing machine with the help of bleach for at least once in a month. Pour two cups of bleach into the detergent compartment, and run it empty for a full cycle before getting it dried. For further spreading of bacteria, you need to wash your undergarments separately with the help of hot water and a color-safe bleach replacement.

Your Smartphone

Recent research that happened in the UK made the use of 30 smartphones with the comparison of an office toilet seat. Each smartphone consisted up to 600 units of staph, a major cause of severe stomach illness and a typical toilet seat had less than 20 units of germs on them. Almost, the majority of the population use their smartphones while on the toilet to talk, text or email. You really need to take care of your smartphone and clean it on a routine basis and also try to leave them outside your bathroom.

Your carpet

Rugs and carpets are a safe haven for pollution, dirt, food particles, pollen, and other dust particles. Almost 200,000 of the bacteria live in per square inch of the carpet and that is 700 times more in comparison to your toilet seat, including salmonella, staphylococcus and, E. coli. You need to clean it on a regular basis. Hire a professional for a thorough cleaning for once in a year.

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Your faucet handles

Your washroom faucet handle might have 21 times the bacteria in comparison to your toilet seat. The worse part is that your kitchen faucet handles harbor 44 times more bacteria on it. You need to disinfect and clean it on a regular basis along with the rest of your sink so that you can be sure that washing your hands isn’t going to make you dirty.

Your computer Keyboard

Clicking away at your computer during your lunchtime may lead to the last office germ you just picked up on your finger. Keyboards harbor 33 times more germs than an average toilet seat. You need to thoroughly clean your keyboard on a regular basis and wash your hands and surfaces of it. You don’t want to get ill during your busy schedules and work life routines! Right!

Your sponge or kitchen cloth

An average kitchen cloth or a sponge contains salmonella in it. Per square inch of the surface consists of almost 134,630 bacteria in it and that is 456 times in comparison with the number of your toilet seat. Dishwashing clothes and sponges are a safe haven for the huge amount of E. coli and other harmful bacteria in an average home. You need to clean it. Each week, toss the dishcloths in the washing machine and change your sponge more often, or heat it in the microwave for almost 30 seconds.

Your TV Remote

It might be a surprise to you, but your tv remote is germy and infectious. Anything that is on your hands before you start to surf the channels on your remote. Not to mention, your TV remote harbors dust sitting on your couch, even have crumbs on it, if you are fond of eating in front of the TV. You need to clean it on a regular basis, wipe it with a regular dish soap or an antiseptic wipe. Make sure to clean in between the buttons.

Hope, you find these facts surprising. We would love to hear your views on it.

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