Most of the women across the world suffer from years of eating disorders, anxiety and they struggle a lot with depression. These shockers are the ones that will help you to learn to love yourself. At SooperChef, we are going to provide you with such moments of instant and easy clarity that will inspire you to adjust the aspects of your life that were up till now less than fulfilling. Some of your realizations are very personal, but others might feel it more universal and few of them are so powerful, I wish that every woman on earth knew about.

Below are such life-altering lessons for the women suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and etc.

You aren’t what people say about you

Most of the woman spend so much time in panic, worrying about what people would have thought of me, without ever really asking their own self how I felt about them. As a result, they waste out their precious time and energy trying to please people around them who didn’t actually give a damn about them in real life. You must realize that both energy and time could be spent in more appropriate ways such as taking care of your own selves, your family, and your true friends.

You aren't the number on the scale

At the end of the day, the weight struggles, the endless food battles you wage in your mind, and the guilt you foster about your habits and body will absolutely have no relevance. The only thing that matters is what is in your heart. How you feel about yourself is important to your self-worth, but how you look is certainly not.

Plan B is rather good than Plan A

The most freeing moment of your life will be when you let go of the plan you have for your own self and accept the plan that is unfolding for you. An average woman spend years hating their bodies, most of them majorly think to change their shape in order to make themselves perfect. Most of them lose their weight on an occasional basis, but your inner critic will never be satisfied. Why don’t you realize that your body weight isn’t an issue at all? Your panic of the extra pounds on your body is the main problem. Instead of panicking about your extra weight, learn and start feeling happy about your body. It is a blessing to have a normal body, no matter what size of the body you have got. When you are happy, you will be able to relax about your present life and enjoy about your own being every single moment.

It will never be Accomplished. Ever

The to-do list that you ought to do in your daily life is never-ending. You are never going to check off everything. Yes, it is called life. Rather focusing on the end results, start recognizing that your life is always unfolding, so new opportunities and lessons are always going to occur in your life. The challenge to yourself must be staying present enough to see and fact them, and appreciate yourself for accomplishing whatever you have done.

Emotional Sufferings gives us an idea about what we need to change

Instead of running away from the pain in your life, you must decide to try something new and fight it out. Embrace the suffering and find the purpose and idea of overcoming it. What you are going to take away from that experience is that your emotions are always going to guide you, if you let them. When you pay attention to your feelings and heart, you will eventually learn what needs to be healed at first sight. Start looking and find about your own life and be honest about it; it is going to let you know what is going to work out for you and start repeating this tactic, Yes, “I am willing to live my life to the fullest in new and reviving ways.”

You don’t need to find the purpose; it is going to find you

Most of the woman struggle so much with trying to actually realize the purpose of their lives. And in such relentless search of figuring out about their lives, they get stuck with various bad thoughts. Invest your energy in living your life to the fullest rather than trying to find out the purpose of your life. Start to follow your curiosity about the purpose of your life, and honor the pull that comes straight from your heart. Follow your instinct and soon it will become your best serving career of life.

Hope the ladies reading this article will find it more promising and though provoking. We would like to hear your comments on this one.

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