All of us love to buy our favorite clothes that certainly looks good on us and we really feel comfortable, confident and delightful when we put them on and go out with friends, or office, or as an invited guest to appear on a function or a party.

So, if you are investing your money and precious time in clothing, it is definitely a worth it thing to wear them, wash and store them remains your utmost priority as you love to wear them for a couple of seasons.

BetterRead has come up with some savage tips about how you are supposed to take good care of your favorite clothes.

Winter Coats & Jackets

Storage and proper care of winter coats and jackets are really important if you want to keep them perfect and provide you with the original feel, fitting and warmth for a couple of years. So, it is recommended to wash the coats and jackets on your own and don’t forget to empty the pockets. While washing, you need to zip up all the zips. They can be washed in a dryer, but make it sure to follow the instructions given on the tag. When the weather is changed and you don’t feel the need to wear it anymore, it is advised to clean your outwear, zip up the zips or fold it with the button on to maintain its proper shape. Store it in a dark, cool place with the help of cedar blocks for the prevention of moth damage.

Your Cotton Basics

You will feel comfy while drying, washing and wearing your favorite t-shirts, undergarments, and socks but make sure that you don’t mix up your cotton wear with synthetic clothing when you wash them in a washing machine or dryer. The recommended thing to wash cotton clothes is the usage of warm water and tumble dry at a low temperature. You can iron them afterward as well if you feel the need to do it. All you need to do for saving these type of clothes is fold and store them on the shelves rather than hanging them with the support of hanger.

Children's clothes

On a prior basis, you need to fold that little baby clothes instead of hanging them. Mostly, baby clothing is made with such malleable materials like fleece, cotton, and blends that easily change their shape and fitting, if the hanger is used and for sure, you don’t want your baby clothes to look out of the shape! Stains on them should be removed first before washing them with a help of detergent and washing machine. You need to rinse them with the help of clean water repeatedly after washing them unless there is no detergent left as it can cause infection to the sensitive baby skin.


Well, sweaters don’t require cleaning on a regular basis and if you are the person who wears a sweater over and over under your favorite T-shirt, this is the right method to do. Sweaters made out of wool stuff doesn’t require laundering much often as compared to non-wool garments. What you should do is air your sweaters before folding and placing them back in your closet. Try ironing if you got wrinkles on your sweaters in a gentle manner. Sweaters need a proper folding and must be kept in a cool and dark place. Do not forget the moth prevention of your wardrobe or closet.

Jackets, Shirts, and pants with wool fibers

Do not feel worried to take care of jackets, shirts and pants made with wool or other fiber as the answer to this is keeping it in a cool temperature. Be careful to wool as it will get shrink if it is exposed in way much heat and agitation in the washing machine or dryer. Instead, you need to air dry them in its natural shape. Never drape your wet wool clothes as they will stretch, causing disfigure. It is best to keep them in a folded form, while coats and pants can be hanged in the hanger once they are dried.

Athletic Wear

Athletic wear is mostly made with the synthetic fiber or mixed with cotton and synthetic fabrics. They can easily be washed with the help of any suitable detergent. You can regularly wash them in the washing machine by adding a detergent. Once the stains are clean, you need to rinse them properly with the help of water and that’s the end of it. Put them in the drier and they are ready to wear. They are going to last for several seasons as well with such washing technique as they get dried in a super-fast way.

Knit hats, scarves, and other accessories

Dryers are really helpful, but they can be the biggest of all enemies to your knitted clothing. Dryers used with a high temperature is surely going to ruin your knit wear items. Wash it by hand is the best technique to keep your knit wear to be used for several seasons. If you feel like your knit wear such as scarf or muffler is absorbing too much of sweat and dirt, try washing it on a regular basis and it is advised to keep the layer of your scarves out of the direct contact from your body as too much skin contact causes sweating and repetitive washing, fading their original color, shape and texture.

Hope, you find this article informative to keep your favorite clothes last for a couple of seasons.

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