Do you crave for eating more and more every single evening at the time of Iftaar? If you are confused about what to eat on, then SooperChef is the ultimate guide to provide you with the easiest and delectable recipes. These delicious and mouthwatering Ramzan recipe are so comfortable and easy to be made within the comfort of your home, and these recipes will serve perfectly with everyone in your family. Do give a try to these rich in taste dishes at home during this Ramadan. 

Tikka Biryani Recipe

 This exclusive and unique type of biryani recipe named as tikka biryani recipe is the ultimate delight to be tried at the time of Iftaar. We are sure that the biryani lovers are going to get indulged in its vibrant and rich taste as it has a little twist as compared to a regular biryani. The preparation process includes a cooking process known as smoking that can be used to cook, flavor or give it a brownish shade by exposing it to a smoke. The source of smoke added to tikka biryani can be extracted from anything from hot coals to burning wood. Enjoy this delectable dish during your Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here

Mango Chutney

 Mango Chutney is a sweet and sour type of chutney that is truly different from other types of chutneys. It is made with the help of mangoes and other basic ingredients. It can be tasted with any type of dish, either it is Sehri of Iftaar. The best to taste is with plain paratha. Its tangy and spicy sweet and sour taste is surely going to mesmerize your taste buds. Get the complete recipe here

Keema Samosa Recipe

 Keema Samosa recipe is one of the most popular and widely eaten street snacks of all the time in Pakistan. It is loved as a starter snack and serves perfect as an appetizer during the time of Iftaar. The recipe consists of minced meat that can be from Chicken, mutton or beef, filled inside the samosa Patti and then deep fried until it gets the golden brownish shade. Enjoy it with any type of chutney, ketchup, sausage. Get the complete recipe here

Chicken Kachori Recipe

 Chicken Kachori Recipe serves as a perfect starter for your Iftaar time and this popular street snack dominates over other snacks such as samosas, pakoras, etc. No doubt, it is one of the tastiest and its origination is from the Indian subcontinent. This favorite snack is famous all across the nation. This snack is basically a flat round shape bread that is made out of flour with the filling of mixed spicy lentils, minced chicken, mutton or beef meat, chili powder, and other basic ingredients. Get the complete recipe here

Samosa Chaat Recipe

 This one delectable and spicy recipe is made out of samosas, boiled chickpeas, raita made out of raw yogurt and other basic spices. It is a perfect fit and serves best as an appetizer for the time of Iftaar. This desi delight is going to curb your hunger cravings right away. The recipe hardly takes five to ten minutes of your time to get prepared. Get the complete recipe here

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

 This one rich in taste chicken recipe named as the tandoori chicken recipe is prepared from chicken meat with the help of roasting the marinated chicken in a clay oven that is made out of clay, commonly known as a tandoor. So, you know well how the name got originated from this recipe. The chicken meat is usually marinated in a spiced yogurt before finalizing it towards the roasting process. This one recipe is quite famous all across the subcontinent and foodies in Pakistan love to have it at the time of Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here

Kulfi Recipe

 We are quite sure that you definitely want to indulge in something sizzling cold and sweet in flavor after the tiresome long hectic day of having Roza. SooperChef brings you its rich dessert kulfi recipe that you can easily prepare at home. All you need to do is watch the one-minute instant cooking video that guides you perfect with ingredients, preparation, and cooking method as well. Get the complete Kulfi recipe here

Beef Shami Kabab Recipe

 This recipe is eaten all across the nation and it varies from one region to another, depending upon the ingredients. Mostly the popular ones are Chicken Shami kababs and Chapli kababs but minced beef mixed with basic spices are going to please your taste buds with a completely different flavor. Get the complete recipe of Beef Shami Kabab here

Kalmi Tikka Recipe

 This instant to make an easy recipe is going to add an extra flavor to your Iftaar dinner. This recipe doesn’t require a hectic process to get prepared. There is a wide range of other BBQ recipes that are eaten all across the country, but this recipe is unique of its own kind. The recipe can be prepared as per your taste and preference in different shapes and sizes. Tikka is usually a lump of meat that is marinated in a spicy yogurt mix. The spices that are used for the process of margination are commonly pepper, turmeric powder, red chilies, salt and chat masala, etc. You can serve it to your guests on any BBQ Iftaar party. Get the complete recipe here

Quick Chana Chat Recipe

 The spicy, tangy, sweet and sour in taste chana chat recipe if a perfect fit for your Iftaar. The recipe is made with the ingredients that include boiled and sliced potatoes, boiled chickpeas, sliced and chopped onions, red pepper, green chilies, salt, lime juice and of course last but not the least, chat masala. You can also pour tamarind sauce as per your taste and likings as well. Get the complete recipe of Quick Chana Chat Recipe here. Have a blessed month of Ramadan with delectable Sehri recipes and Iftar recipes from SooperChef.


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