No doubt, walking is considered as the most popular, effective and the utmost easiest way of a work out, but that doesn’t seem to stop it from getting a little bit lousy, fatigued or boring. All you need to do is take an initiative or challenge yourself for a workout with these superb ideas to walk off your excessive weight.

BetterRead has collected some of the easiest tips to lose your weight while walking with such certain techniques.

Errand Walk

Instead of proper jogging or walking in a park or a track to maintain a perfect physique or shape, on a daily basis or two to three times in a week, you need to walk to get your daily life things done. You need to walk yourself to the nearby ATM, supermarket or a grocery store, visiting your salon or going to the courier office. It is indeed, a healthy and a stress-free kind of multitasking to get things done and walk for a proper shape of your body at its best.

Reverse Walking

We are living creatures that have certain kinds of habits. You need to break those stereotype habits by walking occasionally with your normal route in the other direction. It won’t be helpful to beat out your boredom, but it will also be an aid to wake you up to the world around yourself by helping you see such type of things that often go unnoticed with a different perspective and you will be surely going to lose some weight by such type of walking. All you need to care about is walking towards left instead of right while you take your first step to the walk.

Bossy Attitude Walk

When it is the perfect time for you for the one-on-one session with your bosses or a CEO, recommend something for your own that is going to get your superior’s attention. Instead of sitting in his/her office where you are feeling more intimidated and he or she might be getting distracted by incoming messages or e-mails, it is the best and a suitable time for both of you to go for a walk and talk business. As you stroll for a walk with your CEO around your office, it is the best idea to depict your willing attitude to work wonders for the company.

Rainy Day Walk

During the first sign of drizzle that is about to happen, most of the people turn to hibernation mode. But, there is something about walking in the rain that is going to please you with a calm down and an exhilarating environment. You need to leave the umbrella in the closet during a spring or a summer rain. Instead, pull on some waterproof boots from your closet with a rainproof hoodie. Enjoy the walk in the rain. It will leave you with an everlasting impact and memories as well.

Marriage Walk

Are you feeling a guilt or worrisome about the fact that your better half or you can name it as a spouse don’t talk with you anymore? Well, walking together is going to create a soothing and a warm environment for both of you as exercising together is going to open up your emotions, pulling out an honest attitude towards each other, moreover, it is assured that you are going to pay full attention to each other. You need to notice interesting items during the walk to open up and start communicating with each other to break the communication gap.

Virtual Walk

You can actually have a virtual walk by getting your muscle fibers to start up while having an image of yourself to perform such an activity. On such days, when you are way too busy in your routine lifestyle and office work, spend a couple of minutes to meditate with your closed eyes, visioning that you are having a walk with a purpose. It is going to be an aid to develop the muscle memory that will make you more productive and effective when you get out for a walk on a virtual ground.


If your regular days are jam-packed for your stereotype an hour walk, all you need to do is just separate at least four separate 15-minutes stroll for the day. You are going to derive just as much with the health benefits, moreover, you will keep your metabolism activated throughout the rest of the day so that you can burn down more calories. You need to look for suitable opportunities and options to stay alert and active in comparison to a proper workout. That is the key difference. You need to shift your mindset accordingly.

Teenage Walk

It is much similar or likewise as the Marriage walk as in that case you are taking your life partner who is not communicating with you and you need him/her to open up and speak his/her mind out. While having a teenage walk, you need to tell your moody teenage friends that you are visiting a nearby supermarket and ask them that if they would like to accompany you and pick out some food with you so that you can have the best time to watch a movie together. When he/she heads for the car, all you need to do is to let him/her know that you are going for a walk. Bingo all set for a healthy walk.

Spiritual Walk

Spiritual scrutiny doesn’t need to be taken place in a church, mosque or a temple. This weekend, you need to have a walk in a place that has a soothing and calm atmosphere with respect to its surrounding. You need to focus on the things that have been grateful to you and dedicate this time for a loved one or a smiling past memory that you had been struggling with, during your past life. A solitary, mindful way of walking equalizes to a meditative prayer. You can also pray Namaz five times in a day as Muslim as it turns out to be an exercise as well.

Going-Nowhere-Fast Walk

For chilling days and unbearable stormy or a bad weather that is about to happen, heading a gym or sparing some time out for a treadmill walk is an ultimate fit for such a type of situation. You can watch your favorite TV show or listen to your favorite music while having such a type of walk to make an exotic environment.

So, the next time you are going to ask yourself that how will I get a perfect body, consider the above points as the best options to do.

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