Diabetes is such a type of disease that impacts the overall body’s ability to respond or produce insulin, resulting in high blood sugar. The preliminary signs can be so subtle that some people may take it for granted. If left untreated, diabetes doesn’t only disturb the quality of life but also minimize life expectancy, that is why it is important to diagnose the disease as early as possible.BetterRead has gathered a list of the most common early symptoms of diabetes that will help you spot the disease in time.

Increased thirst and urination

Frequent urination and increased thirst are the most common signs of diabetes. When you get diabetic, your kidneys can’t absorb all the excessive sugar. Instead, it ends up in your urine, taking along fluids from your tissues. This makes you urinate more and leaving you thirsty as well. To overcome your thirst, you start drinking more water, which further leads to the urge to urinate. The average person urinates for almost six to seven times in a day. So, if you notice more frequent urination than usual, you are diabetic.

Increased hunger

The excessive urge of feeling hungry, with an increased level of thirst and frequent urination, makes up three major signs of diabetes. And, if your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, it will start to convert food into glucose that your cells will use as a source of energy. And that causes an increase in feeling hungry. In fact, eating will make your blood sugar reach a higher level. And if your hunger persists while you keep on eating, you may need to consult your doctor on an instant basis. Here are some of the best foods to battle with diabetes.


Fatigue on a constant basis is also a common symptom of diabetes. You start feeling sleepy and tired all the time for the reason of feeling hungry as your cells don’t have sufficient glucose to use for energy. Dehydration due to frequent urination also contributes to making you feel exhausted. Moreover, fatigue can be a sign of various other conditions, but when summed up with other signs from this list, it leads to diabetes.

Unexplained weight loss

Excessive weight loss or a sudden loss in body weight as your body can’t use glucose as a source of energy when you have diabetes, it starts to burn fats and muscles instead of energy, causing a drop-in weight. Dehydration on the other side also leads to instant weight loss as your body consumes all the available fluids for the production of urine.

Slow healing

Wounds and body cuts heal in a very slow manner when you are diabetic. High blood sugar not only increases inflammation in sores and cuts but also leads to poor circulation of blood, making it almost next to impossible for blood to reach the damaged part of the skin. It especially happens around the area of feet, and it is frequent to see the diabetic patients developing foot sores, leading towards a serious problem. You need to consult your physician if this symptom is creating a problem to your body. It is surprising to know that Aloe Vera can be used as a treatment for diabetes as well.

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