At SooperChef, we have a wide range of, delicious Pakistani Recipes, Cooking Recipes in Urdu, Continental Recipes and Other Recipes but when it comes to health, we do care about you by providing tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this topic, we are going to discuss the perfect combination of lemon and water that will make you get rid of pills if you are suffering from below listed problems. Talking about water and lemon, it makes a perfect combo that includes Vitamin B & C, Potassium and many carbohydrates and a list of healthy components that are vital to maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.

Take the advantage of all the benefits of lemon water to treat all of the below-listed sufferings and set aside your pills.

Benefits of lemon water for health

According to a proven research, this combination is capable of treatment for various ailments and diseases, such as digestive problems and overweight issues.
Let’s see what else we got for you in this powerful mix drink that you need every morning.

Acne Treatment

It is proven that lemon mixed in the water minimizes the acidic impact on your skin, thus aiding to prevent and treat the acne and pimples of your face and body. It is a superb natural facial cleansing technique as well.

For Kidney Stones

Lemon water mix drink consist of potassium, a compound that vitalizes and increases the level of citrate in the urine that prevents the formation of stones that is produced in your kidneys. It is one of the most power booster benefit one can get from lemon water for better health of kidneys.

Strengthen the immune system

This mixture favors our lymphatic function, which in return protects our immune system, eliminating and detecting all forms of pathogens in our body.

Burn Excessive fats and Suppress appetite

It is one of the most well-known and famous benefit one can get from lemon water for the body health. Lemon contains such vitamins that help in a very favorable way to regulate our blood sugar levels in our bodies. Moreover, this energizing citrus is also rich in pectin, a fiber that helps to reduce appetite. This revitalizing juice is also effective in burning down the body fats and stimulating our production of bile, due to its acidic ingredients.

For Cold and Flu

It is also another one of the most well-known benefit of this mixture drink for health. Vitamin C together with the antibacterial properties present in the lemon helps in an effective manner when it comes to battle against the cold and flu.

Pain in the gallbladder

Are you having pain in your gallbladder? Try this treatment for biliary pains and aches, drink water with lemon mixed in your meals.

For fingernails

Lemon juice is just so perfect when it comes to nourish and strengthen your nails. Moreover, it also serves to remove white spots on your nails.

Foodborne Illness

Always drink water mixed with lemon to avoid food poisoning, especially when you are out of town and have to eat at different restaurants, away from your home cooked food.


Does this illness of fibromyalgia make you totally exhausted and frustrated? Drink plenty of this lemon-water mix and also do some yoga stretches to battle tiredness that is caused by this disease.

For inflammation

This is also considered as one of the most unique benefit which you might not know up till now. Lemon consists of powerful anti-inflammatory properties, that easily fight against all type of inflammations of your body.

Muscle pain after training

Are you gearing yourself for an exercise or hitting a gym on a daily basis? Drink a little water with lemon after a hectic workout or training. That will help you to relax your muscles and relieve tension as well.

Swelling and joint pain

You can also use this unbelievable benefit for the treatment of swelling and joint pain caused at an old age or from any other reason. Lemon juice work wonders in minimizing the accumulation of uric acid in our joints, that helps to reduce the risk of arthritis and inflammation.

Start drinking this lemon-water mix power booster on a daily basis. Make it a routine and see the miracles that will happen to your health. Stay happy and start living healthy life. ?

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