It’s the time of the year when Sehri becomes the most important meal of the day, and quite frankly it is the only meal that we eat before the day ends. Whether you are among the people who observe fasting to cleanse your inner self and attain peace of mind or looking for physical benefits like staying fit, Ramzan is a month that has something for everyone. Coming back to the sehri meal, sooperchef has listed some points that include what you need to do and what to steer clear of in order to have a happy fast during the day.

Eat Slow Digesting Foods

Foods like seeds and grains including whole wheat flour, barley, lentils, unpolished rice, and millets are foods that digest slowly and help you stay fuller through the day when you can’t eat anything at all. Furthermore, incorporating foods like these in your sehri meal will help you keep your energy levels up.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Many people complain about having acidity during their fast and it can be rather unpleasant when you can’t have any medicine of any sort to help you with it. To avoid acidity, it’s necessary to incorporate lots of foods in your sehri meal that have high fiber content. Fiber-rich foods include spinach, wheat, and grains, fruits like apricots, plums, and figs. Yogurt added with your favorite seeds like almonds can also be a great relief.

Go For a Low-Calorie Sehri

A healthy sehri does not mean you are supposed to overindulge in it and load it with lots and lots of calories. One of the best ways to have a good sehri is to have it well balanced. A balanced sehri with a fair share of protein and dietary fiber and fewer calories is great and achieve able easily with two boiled eggs, some fruits and or vegetables, along with low-fat milk. Furthermore having water-rich fruits like watermelon in sehri will assure proper low-calorie intake and hydration through the day.

Avoid Foods with Access Sugar

Processed and commercially packed meals, donuts, sugary sweets and other such items should be avoided in sehri as they are loaded with excess sugar and on an empty stomach, it’s devastating. The excess sugar pumps insulin in the body leading to fat storage and faster digestion that will make you feel hungry soon. If you really want something sweet then go for something natural and non-processed like honey or gur.

Avoid Caffeine

Most of the people would find it very difficult to say no to their cup of Joe, especially when it’s their only chance in the day to get their hands on it. Caffeine has a diuretic effect on the body and will make you feel dehydrated very early in the day. For a drink in sehri, go for a glass of lassi or a fresh smoothie.

Do Not Avoid Sehri

Skipping sehri has become a norm for the new generation since most people are too lazy to wake up and eat at all. But skipping sehri has really adverse effects on your body as without sehri, our body relies on the last meal we had for energy needed for proper functioning. This lack of energy can lead to a dehydration headache, lethargy, and weakness. Read more: Top Five Physical Benefits of Fasting In Ramadan

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