Freezing and shivering temps? Check. Gray and dark cloudy smoky skies? Check. Sneezy flu? Check again. But not for a long time! It might be gloomy outside the home, but your appearance doesn’t have to be like the one above. There are simpler things you can do to stay happy and positive. It is important to keep your mood uplifted as it can help you to avoid everything from feeling lazy, lethargic to gaining extra pounds.

Try these tips to stay sunny and bright all winter long – no trip to the Island and stay at the bay required.

Winterize your workout

It seems to be a bit tough to muster your motivation to make it to the gym when the temperature is freezing to death. But a proper workout at the gym can be a mood booster, and you need that lift even during the winter season. Why don’t you jot down an exercise schedule at the start of the week, varying the type of sweat fest to keep it motivating; then go to reward yourself with a small treat such as mani-pedi and stick to the plan. Be brave enough to embrace the workout routine. Exercising outdoors can lift up your spirit, but if the weather isn’t cooperative, keep an exercise DVD with you to work out indoors.

Eat your way Out to be Strong

Try to resist the call of sugary, fatty comfort treats. Highly refined carbs and sugar can cause havoc on your blood sugar level, which will eventually leave you to feel cranky. Eat your way to happiness. Some of the comforting foods can double as healthy pick-me-ups and a mood lifter, especially if they are rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, good carbs. Dishes which contain whole grains and veggies, proteins, and Vitamin B’s can be a good source to energize you from shivering cold. Try out delectable Pakistani recipes, soup recipes and other recipes at SooperChef while watching 1-minute instant cooking videos and try making those easy recipes for yourself.

Get your Social Circle On

Humans are not meant to hide away in our dens all winter. In fact, socializing with friends is a very powerful and effective mood booster. Instead of holding in your room and homes until spring, set aside some time each day for a favorite buddy moment. Either you both go on for a quick lunch or a walk. Invite your friends on weekends for a movie time to enjoy yourselves this winter.

Relish winter’s Delight

Take your time to savor the most enjoying and amazing things about this season and make it more content. When you enjoy rather than being dreaded about what’s around you, your optimistic vision will start to dump your negativities. So, next time your mind starts to drift towards your numb nose and toes, start refocusing on positive thoughts and you will be able to sip tea in front of a crackling fireplace as soon as you get home.

Expect a great escape

There is not a whole lot to look forward to after all the holiday season hub. Start hatching a surprising scheme to skip town now. Plan a trip or even just think about one in the future will make you happy and contented. If you can spare the time and extra cash for a getaway, book one trip as soon as possible. If not, start to search a late spring or summer tour, because even to think about it will be a magic to your mood.

Dress for the weather

For sure, stuff yourself into a so-called snowman. Staying warm is a surprising secret to feeling happy and delighted in the winter season. The cold winter can make you feel more sluggish as it increases the energy demand of your body. For the easiest spirit lifter, bundle yourself up, don’t leave home without wearing gloves, scarf and a warm cozy hat with a fluffy yet soothing long coat.

Sit in the Sun light

Your body will produce Vitamin D when you see the sunlight and that will surely help you to regulate your mood for the best when your skin is exposed to UVB light rays coming from the sun directly. Sunlight increases the level of serotonin and also be an aid to suppress melatonin, a chemical that makes you drowsy and lazy. Pop yourself outside towards your lawn and sit for a couple of hours while wearing sunglasses and enjoy the heat to beat the chilly winters.

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