It is a fact that our life routines are getting worse day by day, isn’t it true? We do various small activities every passing day and never even tend to ask ourselves that either we are doing them in a right or wrong way. We at SooperChef thought that it would be an ultimate best idea to pay more attention to such things to make small, rather positive changes in our lives.

Using too Much or an Excessive Amount of Soap in the Shower

Human skin becomes dry and dull as we age on a daily basis, and soap being an astringent, only make the situation worse. We must try using minimum amount of soap while taking the shower and it must be applied on areas such as skin folds. The soapy water draining down from your body is more than sufficient to keep your body clean and bright.

Answering your Boss’s WhatsApp Text Messages

It is prior to set the limits between your work and personal life. Psychologist suggest that we must never discuss our work problems or bring professional relations towards instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger because it’s pretty much obvious that these are something considered as personal. Moreover, if you use messaging apps in your relations with superiors at your workplace, they can really see if you have received, seen or read their last text message but chose to ignore them, that would ultimately create a negative impression.

Plan your Rest Breaks at Work

We all do our best to make our work time more productive. During those working hours, it seems easier to focus, to be alert and inspired, and as a result, we tend to achieve tremendous results. The problem lies down when we don’t try to find our productive hours and we don’t even notice to take the full advantage of it. For instance, if you feel energized and motivated during 11 am to 1 pm, it’s better not to take a break in between these timings. It’s better not to plan your break at 12 pm. The best is to plan your rest breaks when you feel tired, so they don’t kill your motivation.

Adding Oil to the Pasta Water

Adding any type of cooking oil to your pasta cooking water will prevent the sausage from sticking to the pasta. The better way to cook pasta and prevent it from sticking in the pan or together, just use the perfect amount of water. For example, 1 liter per 100 grams of dry pasta would be sufficient.

Breathing With your Chest

It’s better to focus on breathing while using the diaphragm, not the chest. Proper oxygenation has great impact on our nervous system and it helps to lower down blood pressure and reduces pain and inflammation and pain symptoms. Moreover, it improves our physical health and keeps the stress and anxiety away. You will easily learn how to breathe in a correct manner very soon and it will be helpful to control your emotions.

Brushing your Teeth with only Horizontal Brush Movements

We usually tend to brush our teeth with the horizontal movements and forget to floss our teeth and most important, it is a serious mistake that we do. Proper brushing of teeth involves short vertical movements, starting from the gums to the edges of our tooth. But we must not forget to brush in a horizontal manner as well. The most important of all is that the proper brushing involves only 2-3 minutes, but sadly most of us are mistaken. Rather, we take it too long or too short period of time while brushing.

Don’t Leave your Bag of Chips Open

Most of us wrap the half-eaten bag of chips, while other just use the clips with a hope that bag won’t remain open at all. But there is a proper way to deal with such situation. Seal them with the help of plastic tape. It’s easy and a handy method.

Drying your Hands Using Paper Towels

Did you ever imagined how much paper we waste while drying our hands in the public toilets? Tons, I literally mean millions of tons. There is a simple thing that we all can do if we are really conscious of our planet. It’s better to shake your hands in a thorough manner before frying them with the paper towels. It might sound a bit weird but at the end of the day we must care about our planet Earth.

Do let us know if you find this article helpful and interesting. Your valuable suggestions are always welcome?

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