This tech-savvy era and modern lifestyle that is adopted by almost all of us nowadays might be effective and helpful to us, but this tech-life is not making us any wiser or smart.

Here is how:

Super-effective digital assistant

The automated feature of a digital assistant is available in almost every smartphone, and this thing has literally been adopted into everyone’s lifestyle as their ‘brain’. No doubt, it is a fact that this feature is dominating our brain. Siri, Alexa, Google, and other types of personal digital assistants have overtaken the struggle of recalling the details from your mind, that truly means that the brain is stick to perform memory tasks with the help of these digital assistants. For instance, most of us don’t even know the cell number of our beloved ones and we are used to taking an assist from these digital services. We feel so dumb when it comes to memorizing the actual information.

Late-night Internet Surfing

We are all sleep deprived and lazy head people nowadays, and the brain is the primary human organ that suffers the most due to sleep deprivation. Moreover, this sleep loss leaves a negative impact on our mental abilities as well. Various studies have proven the fact that even an hour or two less sleep for a couple of days leaves a negative effect on our brain. It leads to laziness, delay in reactions and sums up to depression and mental fatigue. One of the most common factors for sleep deprivation nowadays is late night movie watching or surfing over the internet for no good reason, that is going to ruin your next day with a sleepy and lousy attitude.

Junk food stash

Soda drinks, junk food or fast food, sweet dishes such as ice creams and other latest inventions in our diet are one of the most common reasons to drain our brain. Consecutive five days of eating non-stop fast food could lead to lack of focus, mood swings, slow processing of brain and impair memory function, according to an Australian study. Poor diet routine causes swelling in the brain that leads to damage its structure. You need to focus on healthy eating habits and nutritious dietary meals instead.

Multitasking lifestyle

If you think that your multitasking skills are making you smart enough? Well, think again! It is likely to have the reverse impact as rolling from one task to another without completing the first assigned task is leading your brain to not focus on one specific thing, making your brain scattered. As a result, it leads to making bad decisions and you are going to feel more exhausted and frustrated at the end, thus, missing important things.

Notifications on your smartphone

Nowadays, almost all of us are indulging towards the technology to take a control of our lives. The constant barrier of emails, text messages, games, voicemails, and other notification on the cellphone is a leading distraction, making it impossible to focus on the work that we are already doing. It leads to the addiction of checking our smartphone on time to time basis, as it leaves you with a satisfying feeling that you have checked all the so-called important notifications. Smartphones are constantly upgrading their feature that demands our focus and attention. It would be better to use your cellphone for the right purposes, rather than making it an addiction.

The Morning bowl of cereal

Sugar stuffed cereals for the breakfast is similar to eating a donut, and that really hurts your brain health. Most of the cereals contain Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) as a preservative that interrupts with the direct signals from your brain, including those type of satiety signals that tells your brain that you are full with stomach, fooling you to be dumb, but also leads to a weight gain as well. You need to go for healthy and brain-boosting breakfasts that are organic and hundred percent natural.

Empty water bottle

Draining your body of water is one of the fastest ways to leave a negative impact on the brain. Even mild sort of dehydration throughout the day have got various negative effects on your mental capabilities. You need to drink enough quantity of water for the whole day as it is crucial to ensure the level of chemical balance to stabilize in the brain. You also need to stop the temptation for the substitute of water with coffee, soda or juices with chemical preservatives or other liquids that contain a high amount of sugar as they are the leading cause to impair our brain functions. Make sure that you are intaking plenty of clean water throughout the day. These are unusual symptoms caused by dehydration that must not be ignored at all.

Pale white skin

Are you feeling depressed, confuse or indecisive to take certain actions in your life? Well, a regular walk in the fresh air and sunshine stay may be the best resources to be used as a remedy for such an issue. People with lower blood levels of Vitamin D are more prone to develop various types of dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases as compared to those with the normal levels, according to the American Academy of Neurology. Also, these are some daily life habits that are shattering your skin.

It would be better living a healthy life rather than being completely dependent on tech-savvy gadgets.

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