Nowadays, the deficiency of working out and physical activities, mass consumption of junk food, and prolonged sitting at your desk in front of a computer in your office for hours make your official life a bad influence on your wellbeing. Sooperchef has listed some common foods that you need to eat if you want to stay in shape and avoid exhaustion in certain parts of your body while you work.

For The Immune System

An office is an ideal situation and atmosphere for the bacteria to spread, for the reason that a lot of people stay in the enfolded space for the entire day. No wonder that somebody with a mere common cold can easily contaminate everyone else in his vicinity. Prevention of ailments like this isn’t difficult at all: all you need to do is follow some common precautions, and eat more products that boost your immune system which include citrus fruits, red peppers, broccoli, ginger, garlic, and papaya. Learn more about foods that boost immunity and fight off colds by clicking here.

For Boosting Metabolism

Let’s kick our list with a no-brainer that the faster your metabolism is, the more calories you burn off. Most of the workers at offices nowadays, who sit for most of their day, need to keep their metabolism working proficiently. Food products like coffee, tea, spices (ginger, cayenne pepper, cardamom), lean meat like chicken and turkey and beans will help you boost your metabolism and sustain normal body weight.

For Brain Function

We are what we eat is an often quoted proverb but here’s something that not too many people know: eating well not only has a helpful influence on your body but on your brain function as well. The brain is most certainly the main working device of office workers. Foods like oily fishes (salmon and trout), blueberries, nuts and seeds, pomegranate juice and dark chocolate will help your gray cells function as promptly as possible, and, as an additional benefit, they’ll slow down age-related changes in all of your body.

For The Intestines

According to scientists and dietitians, a decade or more at a deskbound job is sure to double the risk of some certain types of bowel cancer. Although it can be prevented by performing some regular exercises (yes! even when you’re at your office) and maintaining a healthy diet that includes leafy greens like broccoli and spinach, citrus fruits and berries as well as fiber-rich foods like porridge, bread, and brown rice. Also, the amount of red and processed meats in your meals should be minimized as these processed meats can become a factor for an increase in your risk of colorectal cancer.

For Your Eyes

In spite of the fact that scientific progress is moving forward by leaps and bounds, sitting at your computer and looking at the screen for hours is still harmful to your eyes as it strains them. To keep your eyes healthy, make sure that you are eating food products rich in omega-3 fats, lutein, zinc, and vitamins A, C, and E: these nutrients can be found in leafy greens like salad, spinach, collard greens, carrots, eggs, citrus fruits, nuts and seeds and oily fishes like salmon, mackerel, and tuna.

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