Yes, it’s a fact that you can’t make yourself prepared for everything asked in an interview session as tricky questions come out of the blue to tease you out, but, BetterRead has got you covered with some of the career expert’s advices that are going to shed some light on the most common interview session questions that an employer usually ask from you and how you need to answer them in the best way possible. Don't miss to read these Things That Ruins Your First Impression Instantly

Here are the questions with the Best answers:

Why should we hire you?

Because you are a perfect fit for this job, right? No doubt, you are, but a couple of lines aren’t enough to get away with this significant question that indicates to the main reason you are sitting right in front of the panel of employers and HR. This question really provides you with an opportunity to prove yourself. Your past experiences, facts, figures and your competence will really raise the heat in a much positive direction for your own self. You can defend this question by saying that, ‘I am the next perfect asset that will be included in your team as I consider myself as a team leader and capable to cope up with given tasks to get done in the best way possible. Making a statement with a confidence is going to make an impact on the employer.

What Makes You Consider as a Perfect Fit for this Vacancy?

Now, it is the best time to show your strengths, opportunities and impressive attitude as written in your CV as it relates to the certain job description that you have applied for. You surely want the employer and the HR to walk out of the boardroom with the approval for your job as the best suitable candidate due to the synergy and impact that you have created in front of them as you are going to demonstrate in the best possible way to your skills, abilities, aptitude and other accomplishments of the past. If you consider yourself lacking in the particular job description, you need to dominate them with the willing attitude to learn and show them that you are a good fit for that job as well as suitable as a team member for their organization.

Why do you want to work with us?

Never ever portray a bad image about the companies that you have worked for in the past. You need to figure it out by saying that you need a raise with an aspect of your current company and your current firm isn’t willing to give you an entitlement due to lack of budget. Or you can say it that way, you are willing to make a logical step that depicts the ultimate career-oriented goals. You need to keep that in mind that this question must make an impact less about you and more about the firm itself. Make it clear to them, that with your company, I have a chance to rise and shine in a prominent way, thus, making yourself as a positive asset for the company.

Have you been a Team leader in the past?

Expecting for a big setup to be created by the company that makes an opportunity for you to lead the team? You can expect that coming from the employer to give you the ultimate responsibility to manage the team, motivate and mold them in a productive way. It will be your time to demonstrate how you can take initiative in the best way possible, without being blank in that question. You can still opt to demonstrate the best examples, depicting your tendency and ability to take this initiative and lead the project to a better take off from the ground. It is suitable to share your past experience as an inspiration to them that they can feel about making you a team leader.

What is your greatest weakness?

It is the best time of the interview session to be honest and consider this question from a different aspect. You can let them know about your past experience such as that you used to stick to e-mailing your clients and how your past bosses encouraged and motivated you to raise your voice and speak to the prospects over the call and try to convince them in a proper manner. What so ever, your weakness has been in the past, you can show them how you struggled to overcome them and made it your strength and now, you are capable to handle that weakness with the best way possible.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Employers really want to listen about your social interaction as an employee in the past and they want to inquire about your interpersonal skills, providing you with the opportunity to demonstrate the role of your job description in their office environment. It is not only significant enough to make an impact about your irreplaceability in the office as you are a people person that is helping and energize plus motivate others to get the work done in a given timeline.

When were you in a problem and how did you cope with it?

Contradictions and disagreements do happen in the office environment that turns out as a heated argument in between the working place. When an employer puts this question in front of you, they are trying to judge your attitude of how calm-minded of a person you have been in the past? You need to show off your grit, wit and intelligence that how you overcame with such a destructive conflict in the best possible productive solution. You need to share your logical skills and a positive reasoning attitude to persuade and eradicate the conflict that can create a serious harm. You need to be specific about making an example to take an initiative with your knowledge and logical skills to overcome with such a critical situation.

What do you need to ask me?

You must always expect this question to be faced at the end of any interview but that is the most prior question to be answered in a proper way. Here is where the employer is forecasting if you did a proper research about the company before coming to the interview and what are you really expecting from the company. You need to learn about the company’s norms, values, mission, vision, goals and objectives and certainly about the job description that you have applied for. It would be really great if you ask the employer about the culture of the company and about the work conditions and terms rather than sticking to your personal benefits and the last possible bad way to ask about the job description and salary as the employer is always interested in his/her own organization rules and norms.

Hope you find this article informative and you are going to give the best in the upcoming interviews.

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