At SooperChef, we work our best to make you decide how to cook a delicious dish every day and you do follow the 1-minute cooking video instructions strictly to make a healthy dish for your family, but sometimes keeping all the ingredients in an appropriate proportion according to the delectable recipe, the result turns out to be different than what you expected. Does this happen to you off and on? We are sure that all of us have faced such an awkward situation at a certain time while cooking your favorite daily lunch, dinner or breakfast. So, what is the catch? We at SooperChef have opted to improvise your common cooking mistakes that is the cause of ruined taste of the most favorite dish while you are cooking it in the kitchen.

Overloading the Frying Pan

Always remember that if you want your meat to have an exotic crispy crust, you must give an enough space to the meat so that it may turn brown easily. Otherwise, if we try to overload the frying pan, the overcrowded meat will actually boil and you won’t get the desired result.

Using Non-Salted Water for Cooking Pasta

The genuine rule when cooking a perfect pasta is to use salted water. The lack of adding salt will turn it tasteless and not so delectable, and no sauce applied afterwards will be saving the cooked pasta. If you are not sure about the amount to add salt, there is one quickie tip for you, use one tablespoon of salt for 300 grams of pasta.

Do Not Stuff Every Product in the Fridge

It is not certainly a better idea to store all of your food items in your fridge. Onions, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and various other tropical fruits such as mango, kiwi, etc. taste much better when kept in a room temperature. When they are stored in the fridge, these products tend to lose their fresh look and taste not so well.

Cooking Meat While Using a Non-Stick Pan

One of the reason for the damage while cooking meat with a crisp and crumble crust while cooking meat is the usage of non-stick frying pans. This utensil of cookware normally heats less than the other ordinary pans, so it would be a better idea to use them for making omelets or pancakes. But for meat, you must use a grill pan or perfect would be cast iron pan.

Frying with Olive Oil

Olive oil loses all of the nutritional value and starts to burn in fumes while added at high temperature during the preparation of any recipe. That is the result of damaged taste of your delectable dish that you are about to cook. Thus, it is a better idea to use the olive oil while adding it into salads and use sunflower oil, corn flour oil or a regular cooking oil for deep frying.

Never Over Fry Your Garlic

Most of the recipes suggests to use garlic that must be added at the end of your cooking process or even separated from the dish after 2-3 minutes of the final preparation of cooking your favorite dish. Garlic consists of less amount of water than any other veggie, and it burns out rapidly. When it is overcooked, garlic can add a troublesome taste, ruining the exact delicacy of your dish.

Don’t Measure the Amount of Dry ingredients with the Glass

Almost all of us measure the quantity of any ingredient such as dough while using a cup or a glass without paying an attention to the fact that it contains many type of dry or liquified products inside it. It’s better to remember that baking table of weights and measurement by heart is better to use a special measuring cup or a kitchen scale that is easily available in the nearby market or utility stores.

Preheat the Pan Enough Before Cooking

SooperChef says, ‘if you are thinking that your frying or any type of pan is already hot enough to start cooking, try waiting for another two to three minutes and then start your cooking.’ You will surely be needing a well-preheated frying pan to cook vegetables and to get that appropriate crispy, crumbly crust on your meat.

Throwing Away Deep Frozen Meat on the Pan Right Away

Make sure that you let your meat to stand at a room temperature for more than couple of hours before cooking the meat. The room temperature of your kitchen will be more heated, whereas the frozen meat, on the other side may look like it is well done to be cooked. But, the fact is that it is still raw from the inside. The same rule goes when you bake the meat in the gas or electric ovens available in your kitchen.

Eating Meat Right After It’s Cooked

We know that we can’t resist to try our favorite dish, but, it’s better to keep your hands away for couple of minutes. It is better not to eat it as soon as the meat is cooked or ready to serve, and this way, you will find the taste of your delicious dish more appealing.

Never Flip/ Toss your Food on a Constant Basis

It is really not compulsory to flip your meat on a regular basis while cooking. You might end up with dried meat or not so appealing fish with no coating over it. Just leave your cooking meal in the pan and do not make disturbance again and again. That is the recommended rule by SooperChef as we want you to cook delicious, presentable and a healthy meal for your loved ones. ?

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