Every country has its own cultural diversity and different types are served to school children around the world. Some schools serve light snacks while others serve proper meals to their students. Some of the most popular meals that are served in schools all over the world are cabbage salads, potatoes, vegetables, and pizza. Here at SooperChef, we have compiled a list of foods that children eat for lunch around the world. Take a look!

1. United Kingdom

Most of the schools in the United Kingdom are limited by budget, so they serve fast food very often. Children love the meals since they are cheap and tasty. Other than that, fried potatoes, carrots, rice porridge and a Belgian waffle with chocolate are served for lunches.

2. USA

This is very much what lunch looks like in most of the schools in Virginia. Different schools in the USA serve different types of dishes for lunch, most of the times it is fast food like nuggets, burgers, and pizza since it is cheap and convenient.

3. France

Schools in France allow two or three-hour lunch breaks for its students. Children can also go home during this time for lunch. It’s considered as the main meal of the day and usually, it is served as an amalgamation of fish, spinach, potatoes, cheese, and bread.

4. Russia

Schools in Russia serve free breakfasts to their students from 9 am to 12 pm, although the lunches after 12 pm are paid. But it is hard to differentiate between the lunch meals and breakfast meals, as they look very much alike for instance; the above meal consists of buckwheat porridge, sausages, and tea.

5. Hungary

In Hungary, students are served with really big meals of generous proportions. Like the one shown above contains noodle soup, baked beans with chicken and nuts for desserts.

6. Israel

A typical school lunch for children in Israeli schools consists of fresh fruits, granola bars, flatbread sandwiches and sweets.

7. South Korea

South Korea has one of the best school meal systems in the world. Two of the biggest sections of the food tray are usually reserved for soup and rice whereas the smaller sections are used for fruits, salads, seafood, and veggies. It is also made sure that the students are given fish oil in a spoon.

8. Japan

The Japanese version of the school lunch looks very similar to the South Koreans: one soup, rice with poultry or fish along with some veggies and salads. Moreover, a serving of milk is also provided to the students. School going children are not allowed to bring their own lunches to school until they reach high school.

9. Turkey

The above-pictured lunch was prepared by a Turkish kid for his school lunch. It contains rye bread, walnuts, pomegranate, walnuts, and grapes along with some kefir, a perfect combination for increased brain power and intelligence.

10. Thailand

Today’s menu for a Thai school lunch is meat with potatoes in sweet and sour sauce, rice and a pudding draped in banana leaves.

What type of food do you recommend for your kids during their school time? Your valuable comments are always welcome.


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