It’s quite easy to intake more fat-burning calcium into your diet – and, likewise your mother has always told you about drinking milk, but, surprisingly, it really doesn’t involve drinking more and more milk. A recent research conducted has proven the fact that people who don’t intake enough calcium have a high rate of increased percentage of body fats.Another good fact about such type of foods is that they also tend to take a control of the appetite. A regular diet that includes calcium-rich foods can be helpful to low down your blood pressure, cholesterol level, moreover, controls your blood sugar level as well. But, you need to make it sure to know the symptoms that your body isn’t getting enough amount of calcium, too.Here is the list of super foods that are such a great resource of calcium brought to you by BetterRead.

Sesame Seeds

One ounce of sesame seeds serving provides about 160 calories and has got 277 mg of calcium, that is, 28 percent of the total amount of consumption for your body. You can use sesame seeds in a variety of dishes as they are a perfect source of calcium.


Hummus is one of the great foods, loaded with calcium that you probably want to eat as a snack, regardless of any perfect timings within a day. About two tablespoons of it have got 160 calories in it and have a calcium level of 112mgs, that covers 12 percent of the daily consumption value for the human body.

Cream Cheese

I think there will be no single person on this planet who hasn’t got a love for creamy cheese spread on the bread to be eaten as a breakfast in the morning. You can make variety and a wide range of delectable recipes with this one kind of super-rich calcium food. One ounce of regular fat cream cheese serves you with 29 calories. Talking about the calcium level, it contains 98 grams that take about ten percent of the daily value required for the intake.

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You would have never heard about this veggie as a great source of calcium and you really need to add this leafy green vegetable to your diet for the sake of calcium intake as it has got a full dosage of nutrients. One can make several recipes out of kale and it can easily be found at any nearby grocery store. One regular cup of kale has got 36 calories in it and it is rich in calcium as well. The calcium level is about 93 mg that takes almost 9 percent of the daily value for consumption.


Almonds must be your best friends as they are not only rich in calcium, but, also a handful of it in a day is going to be helpful in lowering your cholesterol level too. You can use almonds in a variety of sweet and dessert recipes and they can be added to rice recipes as well. One ounce of almonds has about 170 calories packed in it and that covers the intake of 75 mg of calcium which has got an 8 percent daily value.


This vegetable can be used in a salad. It isn’t just rich in calcium but also considered as a powerhouse that is loaded with various other benefits. You can consider it as one of the healthiest ever veggie that you can eat. One cup of it has got 55 calories in it and covers 62 mg of the calcium level that incorporates 6 percent of the daily value.

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There are several benefits of spinach, as it is rich in calcium that you should intake to improve the health of your bones and it also reduces the risk of cancer, lowers down the blood pressure and improves the glucose levels of the blood. Two cups of spinach have got 14 calories in it and the level of calcium is 60 mg that consists 6 percent of the daily value.

Hope that you will start eating these calcium-rich foods. We would appreciate your views on this one.

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