Certainly, the good news is that it is much easier than you have ever thought to eat healthy food with diabetes.

How to Choose Your food if You’re Diabetic

If you are diabetic, getting conscious of what you eat is one of the most crucial things you can do to keep yourself healthy. The main objective of nutrition for diabetic patients is to avoid themselves with the blood sugar spikes. Drinking carbonated drinks or eating candies can be instantly dangerous if you are dealing with diabetes as the body absorbs these simple sugars in an instant manner. And when it comes to the food rich in carbs or high in fats, they need to be watched as well while intaking them as your diet as they both are problematic for the people with diabetes as they are at a higher risk of heart disease.

Here is the list of such food items that must be avoided by diabetic patients and the alternates are given as well to maintain their proper diet:

Worst: White rice

The more you intake white rice, the greater is the risk of type 2 diabetes. Any type of food item that is processed or fried and made with white flour must be avoided to maintain a healthy diabetic free lifestyle. Moreover, White rice and pasta can cause blood sugar spikes which are as likely to that of direct sugar intake.


You must have brown rice instead or simple raw rice. These types of whole grains don’t make a cause of the same blood sugar spikes and help to slow down the rush of glucose into your bloodstream. Brown rice is linked to a lower diabetes risk, according to the Harvard School of Public Health Study.

Worst: Bananas and melons

All of the fresh fruits are highly nutritious, containing fiber and vitamins, making them a good to go part of any diet routine. However, some fruits contain more sugar. Melons, bananas and stone fruits such as nectarines and peaches consist high-sugar. They might cause blood spike than any other fruit.


You must have apples, blueberries, or any other type of berries as they are low in sugar. But what works for one diabetic might not be working for the other one, so you need to find what type of fruits that work best for you as a diet plan. Combination of the fruits with peanut butter or low-fat cheese but make sure to minimize the portion of the fruit by half is also a best way to cut down the fruit portion. Then, test your blood sugar almost after two hours while you ate them to figure out how you react to it.

Worst: Chinese food

Chinese food dishes tend to be high in calories, fats, sodium, and carbs and can be a major cause of spike your blood sugar in an instant manner. The biggest enemies include fried dishes such as sweet and sour dishes and are served with a sugary sauce.


If you love to have Chinese food, you must prepare a redefined recipe at home by using steamed veggies with low sodium and low-fat ingredients and flavorings. Reducing the sodium level will help you to low down your blood pressure and may decrease the risk of heart attacks. You must also skip the white rice and noodles and have brown rice instead.

Worst: Breakfast pastries

You must avoid toaster pastries, doughnuts, and other bakery sweet items if you want to keep your blood sugar in control. These food items are made from processed white flour and they are high in carbs, fats, and sodium.


You must have a brown rice cake with a topping of peanut butter and minute quantity of low-sugar jam in the breakfast. They are less processed and low in fats, carbs, and sodium. They will keep your sugar level in control.

Worst: French fries

500 calories and 63 grams of carbs in 25 grams of fats, a huge serving of French fries can create havoc on blood sugar level. Fries are a no-no for diabetic patients.


You can opt for fresh fruit salad instead of fries as most of the restaurants have an option of serving salads instead of fries as well.

Worst: Fruit juice

Fruit juices are just as rich in sugar and calories. You must not be opting for a glass of orange juice with your breakfast if you are diabetic.


Eat a piece of low sugar fruit and skip the juice. The sugar available in whole fruits is less concentrated in quantity than in juice form. So, it creates less of a wave of blood sugar along with added vitamins, which makes the sugar to absorb in a slow manner and keeps your blood sugar steady.

Worst: Refined cereal

These breakfast cereals are actually sweet and may cause a spike in blood sugar. The reaction of blood sugar varies from one person to another. You must swap breakfast cereal with a high-protein meals.


You must opt for egg white omelet with veggies and plain bread for your healthy breakfast. You can try this delectable Omelete Recipe

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