Do you feel too embarrassed to remove your shoes in a gathering due to cracked heels and damaged feet? We usually spend a hell lot of time taking care of our face, and we certainly forget our feet as it is repetitively ignored by most of us. Poor hygiene and improper care cause your heels to crack.

Well, BetterRead has got you covered.

Your kitchen is a sum of treasure, filled with miraculous natural products that are able to treat many of the days to day ailments, that certainly includes the problem of cracked heels. Here are the best home-made remedies straight away from the kitchen to help you get the perfect and elegant heels you actually deserve.

Listerine and vinegar

You need to make a mix of one cup of Listerine with one cup of white vinegar and add two cups of regular water. Now, soak your feet in that mix for almost fifteen minutes. Remove your feet and scrub them with the use of pumice stone to wipe away the dead skin on your feet. Rinse your feet with the help of clean water. Dry them with the help of a towel and moisturize afterward. You need to repeat this process unless your heels are properly healed.


All you need to do is to make a mash of two ripe bananas into a smooth paste. But, make it sure that the bananas are ripe as unripe bananas has got acid in them that is harsh for your skin. Rub the paste gently all across your feet, that includes nail beds and both sides of the toe as well. Keep the past on your feet for at least twenty minutes. Then, rinse your feet with water. Repeat this process till you are satisfied with desired results.


You have to add one cup of honey to a warm tub of water. Soak your clean feet into the mix and massage it on a gentle basis for at least twenty minutes. Now, gently exfoliate your skin by the use of a pumice stone. Dry your feet afterward and apply a thick moisturizing cream all over your feet. You can do this process on a regular basis as you go to bed each night.

Vegetable oil

Clean your feet well before using this process. Dry them as well by using a soft towel. Now, apply a thick layer of vegetable oil to your toes and heels. Put a pair of clean and comfy socks as per the season and leave them overnight. You can repeat this process before going to bed till you are satisfied with the results.

Vicks Vaporub

As you go to the bed for a good night sleep, apply a generous amount of Vicks Vaporub on your feet. Massage it for at least five minutes and then put on a comfortable pair of socks as per the season. Cotton socks will be preferred in this case. Now, wash your feet with lukewarm water the next morning as you wake up. You can repeat this process before going to bed unless you get the best results for your feet.

Hope you find these tips informative to be used. Do share your tips and tricks to heal your feet as well.

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