Almost all of us day dream a lot of being able to eat everything and almost anything that pops up in our mind without even thinking about that it can make us to gain extra weight. As much as we are going to provide you the best alternates to a perfect diet for a healthy body, some of the people won’t be listening to our thoughts and cares to provide you with the ultimate healthy lifestyle solutions.Well, the great news is that there are plenty of delectable and healthy best appetite food items that can keep your stomach full for a very long span of time and also will be helpful to manage weight gain as well. We at BetterRead have gathered the ultimate best healthy and nutritious food items that turns out to be a great way to reduce your appetite and curb your hunger cravings as well. So, if you are planning to lose some extra weight from your body, put these food items into your shopping list for the next grocery store visit.


Avocados are rich and a perfect source of essential fatty acids required by our body, but the oleic acid present in this food item delays the urge of hunger, keeping your stomach full for a long time and helps to eat few calories and low portions of the meal for later on. If you are going to eat avocados in your lunchtime, chances are that you are going to eat forty percent less at the dinner time, according to a research conducted in California.


The amount of caffeine present in the regular cup of coffee is able to break down fats and burn out excessive calories, as well as control your appetite as well. So, if you are going to intake coffee half an hour before a meal, it makes an impact on your hunger cravings. And, in respect to lose some weight, two to three cups of coffee is recommended as a daily intake.

Chia seed

Chia seeds are really vital and helpful to curb your appetite and massive hunger cravings that keep on coming on and off toward you as these seeds can easily absorb water that is approximately eleven to twelve times exceeding the mass of the seeds. It is also helpful to fill up your stomach and also provides a sense of full stomach and reducing your appetite is the most prominent factor provided by Chia seeds.

Coconut oil

What makes coconut oil prominent over other types of oils is the fact that it consists of low-chain fatty acids and they are easily absorbed by our human body in a totally different way, creating a positive impact on the metabolic rate. Coconut oil is essential to get rid of belly fat and burn down extra calories. It is also helpful to keep your stomach full if you are going to consume it on a daily basis. You can replace it with your daily cooking oil for one-time meal in a day, regular cooking in the coconut oil is not recommended though. Get to know other great uses of coconut oil.


Eggs are cheap in terms of pricing and rich in providing us with the bulk quantity of proteins that provides us with the feeling of a full stomach. If you are going to eat them in your regular breakfast, it is going to end up with the consumption of few calories and helps you to lose weight as well.

Chili pepper

Chili pepper consists of the chemical compound known as capsaicin that helps to reduce your appetite as well as burn down fats. However, most of us are used to eat spicy food items and are not affected via such a diet of chili pepper. So, it isn’t recommended to add chilies to your dietary meals more than your intake on a daily basis, especially if you are thinking to lose weight.


Spinach consists of natural thylacoids that tend to increase the level of the certain hormone known as leptin. This hormones aids to regulate the exchange of energy and helps to control the urge of eating more and more. That is why spinach is a perfect leafy green to be added into your dietary meals if you are leading yourself to a weight loss.


Lentils are the nutritious and healthy source of a food item as they contain a huge amount of potassium, thiamine, folic acid, and manganese. They are also rich in fiber and protein which both creates an impact to keep your stomach full. They are helpful to curb your appetite. The most important benefit is that they are easy to cook. Check out lentils recipes offered by SooperChef and give a try to cook them at home.Hope, you are going to try these food items next time you feel hungry.Also Read: Food Products That Have No Expiration Date


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