Isn’t it amazing to know that our body organs regenerate or reform on their own and replaces with the new and out with the old within your body?

BetterRead has gathered a list of organs that usually tend to heal on their own.

Let us have a look at them:

Liver regenerates

The liver is the best-known organ that regenerates itself. Like most of the organs do scarring over damaged tissues, the liver usually replaces those old dead cells with the new cells to heal in an appropriate manner. The regeneration process of the liver is quick also. Even after seventy percent of the liver is removed, it can regenerate to its actual form within two weeks’ time.

Intestines regenerate their lining

Every single day of your life, our large and small intestines function to digest down the food that we intake throughout the day. The epithelium in the intestine perform as a blockade, that filters various toxins while absorbing healthy nutrients required in our bodies. Without this process, the germs can easily enter the intestine and make you feel worse or sick. To keep itself empowered, the body sheds the old epithelium cells with the replacement of new ones. The turnover rate is real instant during this activity and it is totally regenerated every five to seven days.

Bone grows back

The regular cast covered around a broken bone isn’t directly helpful for the bone to rebuild, but it does keep everything in place so that it can heal soon and in a proper manner. As the injury of the bone happens, our body begins to repair the broken bone by the formation of a blood clot to clean the wound. After a couple of weeks, the body is going to replace the clots with a soft callus made up of collagen. Three weeks later, the minerals are added to the body that hardens it and turns towards making a new bone. Once, the bone is fully formed up, it requires three to nine years to get back to its original shape.

Old skin sheds away

Human skin doesn’t get replaced only while healing a scrape, but it refreshes itself on a constant basis. Our skin is made up of layers, and the top layers that actually consists dead cells. Almost 30000 to 40000 of these dead cells shed every single day, while the new one begins to appear from the bottom of the outer layer of the skin. New cells replace the old ones every single month.

Eye scratches heal quickly

The outer layer of the eye – the cornea is repetitively refreshing itself. It only takes a week to ten days’ time for the replacement of the cornea’s surface layer, shedding out old cells as tears. As you scratch the eye, that process of regeneration goes even at a faster pace. The eyes remove break or scattered cells, while cells coming from the other layers of the eye covers the wound. New cells take place to fill the scratch or the injured part, without leaving a scar within one to three days.

Lungs recover after smoking

Tiny little hairs present in your lungs known as cilia normally sweep away mucus and other waste substances out of the lungs. But when you inhale the smoke of a cigarette, those hairs stay still and not able to move, building up more mucus. Meanwhile, nicotine and tar from the smoke cause swelling in the lungs. When you quit smoking, the damage is suddenly stopped. Within a week of your last smoke, the mucus building in your lungs start to get loosen up, and it will cause you to cough for some time. Moreover, as the swelling goes down from the lungs, it will become easy to breathe and the person will feel healthy air intake due to healthy lungs. Meanwhile, heart attack risks reduce within a day of quitting smoking as the blood pressure becomes stable.

Hope you find this article informative enough to read. We would appreciate your views on this one.

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