Have you ever wondered why you always seem to catch flu, sore throat, cough and other life-interrupting viruses at this time of the year, while other people you know are healthy and fresh throughout the winter season, free from headaches, coughs, sneezes and flu etc.

You must follow these simple steps that will be an aid to boost your virus protection for getting sick and stay healthy for the rest of the season.

Fresh Air must be your Best Friend

Staying indoors in this season where it is warm and cozy seems to be easier on your immune system than being outside in the chilly cold weather. But the problem is, being inside put you in a closer contact with other people, and possibly their germs transfer. Escaping yourself into the fresh air leads to killing all the germs circulating inside and also helps to boost your immune level. Moreover, any type of exercise lead towards an increase in natural killer cells such as neutrophils and monocytes, that ultimately leads towards the increase of an immune function.

Relaxation Battles of colds

There are a billion of reasons about why taking some time to chill out in this season might be the no-no on your to-do list. But why it should be a priority? Being stressed out will majorly cause an increase towards your acceptability to catch a cold. That impeded your body’s ability to generate cell-signaling molecule particles known as cytokines, which ignites a disease-fighting response from your body’s immune system. You must also be taking care of yourself by having a proper sleep, eat right, workout when you are stressed out. That is critical to level up your immunity.

Cleaning Your hands is the need of the time

Flu and Cold can easily spread with touch. Keep your fingers away from your nose, eyes, and mouth as much as possible, and make it a routine to wash your hands on a regular basis. Soap and water are the true partners for the prevention of germs from touch. You must choose for a regular soap rather than opting for antibacterial. Lather it on your hands for almost 20 seconds before rinsing and make sure to dry your hands thoroughly, but not with the germy towel. Damp hands are more likely to spread bacteria with the touch than dry hands.

The magic bullet of proper Sleep

Continuous lack of sleep can hamper your immune system’s ability to function properly. A research sorted out that anything shorter than seven hours of regular sleep almost triples your headache of catching a cold and that really means seven straight hours of sleep, with no mid of the night wake ups.

Hope you find this article informative. We would appreciate your comments.

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