Most of our audience finds real pleasure and delight while preparing our regularly posted Urdu Recipes, Pakistani Recipes, Continental Recipes and Soup Recipes for the winter season on SooperChef. While other people tend to consider cooking an unavoidable daily routine. They are living a busy lifestyle and don’t have enough time to prepare meals for their everyday routine.
At SooperChef, the team of our professional chefs felt sure that any person can truly become a culinary expert in her kitchen – especially with the assistance of this collection of useful and handy tips and tricks! Read until the end and be the master of your kitchen with these culinary tips.

Add Salt and Milk to Keep the Cauliflower White

While cooking a recipe that contains cauliflower, it turns out and gets a grayish tint that spoils its appearance and the cooked dish doesn’t look that much appealing. Add a couple of drops of milk and a pinch of salt to the boiling water. Then add the cauliflower and cook according to your recipe. It will help your cauliflower to maintain its bright white color and the outlook will be vibrant.

Use Salt to Improve the Sweetness of Your Pastries

Add a half teaspoon of salt to your prepared sweet dough. You can count on us that it won’t spoil your dessert. Moreover, a fragment of fine ground salt will help to bring out the vibrant taste of all the added ingredients in the pastry (such as herbs, etc.) that are added into the pastry you are preparing.

Keeping Boiled and Stewed Veggies from Losing their Color

Make it sure that your veggies stay mouthwatering, appealing, fresh and vibrant even if they are fried, stewed or boiled state by giving a dip to them in an ice-cold water instantly after cooking them.

How to Prepare Perfect Crumbly Rice

Most often, cooking rice turns itself into a runny gruel. You can prevent it from happening by covering the pan with a kitchen towel at once after turning off the heat. The kitchen towel will absorb the excessive moisturizer that will leave your rice recipe look crumbly and delicious. Make it sure that the towel is as sealed up over the pot as it can be. Slow the heat down to the lowest and set a timer for 15 minutes and leave it to get the final recipe done.

Getting more Juice from Lemons

To get enough juice from lemons and limes, put them into the microwave. Set it to the maximum level of heat and leave it inside for 10-20 seconds. Now, remove the fruits from the oven and slice it down into 6 wedges using a sharp knife. You can easily squeeze out as enough juice as you there should be in it.

Preparing an Ideal Cake without Using a Recipe

You never need to keep the exact recipe in front of you to make a delectable cake. Simply memorize this simple method. The main ingredients of the recipe must be used in equal amount. Use the kitchen scales to get the right measurements of sugar, flour and add the same amount of eggs with the equal usage of butter.

Use Salt to make Sensational and Juicier Salads

Rule number one: Never add the juicy veggies to your salad straightaway. Place them in the separate bowl and sprinkle some fine salt all over it. Now, wait for couple of minutes and then add them to the salad. Finally, add the dressing or topping and stir all the ingredients in a proper manner. Salt helps veggies to keep up their liquid and you get the final fresh and appetizing taste ever.

Keeping your Lemons Fresh to Last Longer

You never need to cut down the lemons and get its juice out of them. Instead, use your palm to roll the lemon across the countertop for a couple of times, then slice or stab the bottom of the lemon with the toothpick and squeeze out its juice. Oxygen won’t get inside the fruit and your lemon will stay fresh for a long span of time.

Replace the Ice Cubes with Frozen Grapes

Slow melt of the ice cubes can ruin the taste of any juice that you are drinking. To prevent this, use frozen grapes or cherries instead! They will make a perfect combo for your drink without altering its taste. This solution works out on any kind of beverage. Simply add the frozen grapes or cherries as per your taste. You can also mash them and then form the ice cubes as well.

Want to add up your own culinary skills? You are always welcome to add your valuable feedback.

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