Cutting down the amount of sugar from your diet is the very first thing all the nutritionist will say to you. We are also aware of the fact that the sugar is no benefit to our health: besides, its nutritional value is a 398 kilo Cal or 100 grams. But it’s so difficult to put sweet stuff away from our life’s.The great news is that, SooperChef have discovered 8 natural sweeteners that will help you easily forget sugary products.

8. Coconut Sugar

Apart from its high nutritious value, coconut sugar has a minimum glycemic index that means it assimilates in a better way and contains the bulk of other benefits. Moreover, it is simply delicious and tasty than common sugar. You can add it anywhere instead of sugar.

7. Molasses

Sweet and even thick molasses are rich in Vitamins like Vitamin B & C plus minerals, tasting just alike sugar. You won’t even get an idea that you are using real sugar or molasses. It is best to make desserts and baked food items.

6. Dates

Using Dates is considered as Sunnah and are a wholesome, nutritious fruit, recommended as a healthy snack too. They can be simply replaced with sugar. You can add them to your tea or coffee, and also replace cookies as well. There is also a date paste available in the market that can be included in dessert recipes.

5. Mulberry Syrup

It is considered as the “Queen of Berries” for its nutritious health value and healing properties. Mulberry syrup, preserves these properties and it is rich in taste. It can be added in desserts and beverages.

4. Sorghum Sugar

It is produced from the sap of sweet sorghum, it has been used in China for ages and is well-known for its health benefits. It also contains half of the calories as common sugar. It can be added in dough, desserts and beverages.

3. Liquid Grape Sugar

It is considered to oust common sugar. It even won fame as it means to prolong life. Its strong point a low-calorie content, clear production and wholesome properties that can replace common sugar easily. It can also be added in marinades, beverages, dough and desserts.

2. Maple Syrup

It is not just perfect for making pancakes and cookies. It is low in calories and also lower the risk of cancer and diabetes. It can be used in the form of salad dressing, dough and marinades.

1. Honey

Honey is the purest form of sweetener that can be replaced as a common sugar. It is perfect due to its natural form and can be used as jam, marmalade, syrup and added in your tea or coffee.

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