The rules to follow personal hygiene are pretty much simple, but we still are inclined to do wrong acts at some point of time and these mistakes may lead us to have an impact on our beauty. Moreover, it damages our health. SooperChef is going to lead you with seven common self-care mistakes and will also let you know how to avoid them in future.

7. Covering your Mouth with Hand while Coughing or Sneezing.

While covering your mouth with hands when you cough or sneeze, we help the bacterial germs to get it on our faces. This results in eruption, reddening of skin, and more not so healthy results. It is harmful as it contains infectious diseases while rubbing your eye with bare hands and it will surely lead to provoke inflammation. The right way is to cover your mouth with a towel or a tissue, preferable is a tissue paper. If you don’t have a tissue with you at that certain point of time, cover your mouth with an elbow crease.

6. Clipping your Fingernails.

The nail plate is made up flakes that are piled on to each other just like tiles. Using clippers deforms the proper structure of your nails. Eventually, they start to break and peel off. If you need to cut longer nails, clip them in a way longer than you need to, and shape it up as per your wish. In all other cases, cut them as you wish for.

5. Lining your Lower Lashes on the Inside.

The tip of your eyeliner pencil, specially the brush of a liner, contains bacteria that may cause an infectious disease it they find their way into the eye mucosa. While mixing with tears, the eye liner creates condition for the multiplying. If you really want to accent your lower eye lid, use proper eye shadows: apply them with some distance right away from the growth line of your eye lashes.

4. Washing with Shower Gel on a Daily Basis.

Our skin is used by beneficial bacteria that prevent it from infections and they keep them naturally hydrated. Daily usage of shower gel damages this barrier. The human body becomes more susceptible to many diseases, and our body skin becomes drier that may lead to eczema. The right way is to maintain daily usage of soap and gel is only sufficient on our hands, armpits, and under the belly area. Other zones of the body can get used to the gel once in every two days.

3. Picking your Nose.

Your fingers are home to bacterial germs that may cause serious infections if they get in your nose. That is specifically harmful if you have a blocked nose because an infection can get quickly spread from the nasal cavity towards the sinuses which may lead to sinusitis.The right way is to wash your nose by water with the help of your palm by left and right nostril in an alternate manner. Or, better is to use a special cloth.

2. Using too Much Toothpaste.

Excessive usage of tooth paste on the brush makes the bristle swipe over your teeth instead of actually cleaning them in a perfect manner, that lowers down the quality of your daily brushing. The right way is to use the best amount of tooth paste used by adult must contain a pea-sized ball and for kids must be the size of a grain rice.

1. Usage of Excessive Hair Balm.

Hair balms have a thick texture due to presence of silicone and various other components and their purpose is to make our hair smooth, silky and shiny. By applying too much balm, our hair catches dirt really quick. If this product gets on the scalp of your head, the pores get clogged and that leads to increase in greasiness and ultimately poor hair growth. The right way is to use the optimal amount require the hair balm is a drop of the size of a regular shape coin. It should only be applied to split and dry hair ends.

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