This article is all about those people who are going on a diet plan or conscious about losing some extra pounds of flesh from their bodies. These healthy trade-offs are all that it takes to beat down the extra calories from your regular diet. At SooperChef, you can take away these tips and tricks to your mind bank. Here are easy and small swaps that will surely help you add up to your big calorie savings. Read until the end and we are sure about your calorie savings.

Milk swap

Why don’t you switch from 2 percent of milk to fat-free milk? Yes, if you opted that procedure, you just saved 117 of the total calories.

Snacking on this One

You need to make a switch from multigrain chips to a fruit leather (a multilayered coating of different dried fruits) and my friend you have saved 95 calories from your diet.

Bagging up the bagel

For that, you need to make a switch from a bagel with cream cheese to a light muffin layered with jelly for your sweet tooth and you have saved 360 calories. Isn’t it enough savage for you?

Non-identical dressing

Yes, you need to switch from that ranch salad dressing to balsamic vinegar and your goal to save 128 calories is accomplished.

Downsizing the Fries

We know you are in love with fries and one regular serving is not just enough. But, you need to make a sacrifice here. Switch from some large sized fries to small-sized fries and a savage of 270 calories is what you are going to gain.

Happier trails

Yes, you need to make a switch from the mixture of plenty of dried fruit bowl to a simple one regular dry fruit per day and you have saved 61 calories of your diet routine.

No No to salad

You need to opt for a simple taco rather than a taco filled salad and yes, my beloved, you have saved yourself from 396 calories per day.

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