We do love a beautiful garden, but are you living in a small apartment? Or do you have a taste to grow fresh fruits this winter? Growing fruit this winter is fun and a joy able way to have some delectable fruits handy and be able to grow in your garden where they stay all year long. So, if you have a proper well-lit area at your home, you are almost ready to grow these delicious fruits this winter. The only fact to discuss with your family is about what type of fruit plants to grow at your homes? The list goes on and on and seems endless. For those who don’t own the garden, SooperChef has made it easy to try growing these type of fruit trees at your homes. However, it will take at least a year or so to taste your favorite grown fruit. So, be patient about it. Besides, growing fruits at your homes have ample of benefits such as helping you to relax and stay out of stress while eating your own grown fruits. There are various delicious fruits you can eat during this winter season while buying it from your nearby grocery store.

Let us take a look at some of the most common and delicious fruits people enjoy growing inside their homes:


This amazing and vibrant plant can be easily grown in the pots, with the best place, next to your sunny windowsill. The berries fruit start growth from early summer to the late autumn. To boost the blooming in the fall season, pot plants (five to six inches in length) must be kept on the sunniest windowsill or you can also put them at the bright corner of your room. Strawberries are a quick producing fruit that needs merely a small space to grow easily.


You can also opt to grow grapes in your home. Grapes need a proper ventilation that prevents mildew and opt to do extremely well in a conservative room inside your home or backyard. You can train the vines to easily grow along the ceiling upside, hanging to your walls. It is better that you must trim the plants back to two buds in the winter season so that you can easily manage the plant. You can either select to start it with a seedling or if you want a quick start, purchase a plant that is already on its way.


This plant grows best in the large pots but the variety of fig known as Negro Largo makes it very well to be grown in your homes. It does best when in a well-lit shiny or sunny area but doesn’t requires a direct sunlight. Some nourishing plant food items can be given a proper time during the season when you grow them up. Temperature can also be controlled for this plant size. 18 Degree Celsius seems to be the proper amount of temperature required for the growth of this plant. Figs are ideal for the apartments.


This tropical plant needs full sunlight and regular watering during the fertilization. Warmer temperatures are a must for the growth and 18 Degree Celsius works best for this plant too. The plant will eventually grow, so you need to trim its large stems that makes it easy to handle. Papaya grows 12-24 inches tall and fruit can be enjoyed after six months. In about eight months, fruit will be ripe enough to be eaten.


It is actually a tree. It is better to purchase a mulberry tree instead of starting it from seeds as it takes almost ten years for the tree to grow the fruit. You can get a dwarf sized mulberry tree from a nearby nursery. Summer season is the usual time for the fruit to ripe. Mulberries need a bright room, warm, with an ample sunlight in a big pot. These berries are large and black, long, almost like a blackberry. Note that, it is a slow growing plant.


Yes, you can easily grow watermelon indoors at your homes. A large size pot is fine that must be filled with the moist and sandy soil. Melons require a sunny and a warm room for their proper growth. You will need to proper train the vines for their vertical growth. This plant is not a ‘self-clinging’ one, so you better add some support such as a stick for the vines to stay vertical. Whatever type of support you select, remember that watermelons are heavy in size, so they make the support strong.


This delectable fruit adds on the color to your rooms and is easy to be grown in the pots. It requires a sunny area to produce itself. Just try to sort out a ‘soil-less’ compost to use with this fruit, make it sure that there is much drainage. You can easily hand-pollinate the plants while using a paintbrush and going from one flower to the other one. As with other type of tree fruits, you can buy a tree from the nursery that is already on its way to growth. Always remember to thin the fruit, while removing any type of look that tends to misshapen or small in size. It will allow the other fruits to reach to their maximum size.

There are many other type of fruits you can easily grow at your homes such as citrus fruit, lemon tree and I wish that you can also grow pomegranates in your homes while reading out its benefits if you have space. You can make your home look more appealing while growing these natural and tasty fruits. For sure, it is a perfect way to try something new, healthy and vibrant, without covering a lot of room in your homes and save your time as well.

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