Recent major researches and studies bring us to the fact that the consumption of sodas on a regular basis creates a disastrous situation on your dietary intake (more precisely your stomach) as you intake it without even noticing it. SooperChef has decided to refrain you from carbonated drinks and made a list of the most prominent reasons to avoid drinking fizzy or carbonated drinks that you usually intake on a daily basis without any hesitation.

7. It Causes Vitamin Deficiency in Your Body

Carbonated and Fizzy Colas/ Drinks consist of phosphoric acid along with caffeine, that contains diuretic impact on our body and it starts to wash out essential nutrients, vitamins and calcium out of your body within an hour as your intake the drink. Can you imagine that it happens to your healthy body every day? That’s how your body declines with a vitamin deficiency and the body becomes weak without even being noticed.

6. Major Cause of Dental Erosion & Tooth Decay

The high amount of sugar and acidic ingredients used in carbonated drinks is a major cause of tooth cavities and it harms the enamel as well. So, if you are adding in low levels of calcium in your body per day, you are causing vitamin deficiency within your body; eventually ending up with the problem of rotten teeth from inside out and it won’t take long for you to visit a dentist.

5. Anxiety & Depression Attacks

You tend to sleep less and being easily deprived of sleep, anxiety and depression is a common symptom caused by the intake of caffeine available in the carbonated drinks. It is scientifically proven to be an addictive form of drink, so once you decide to reduce your intake you might bear nausea, sleep disorder, headaches, bad temper, fatigue or in some cases it even leads to depression.

4. Obesity

When we talk about soda drinks, we mean extra weight that we have put on, it’s actually not about how you look in front of the mirror and feel really depressed that you have gained a lot of weight that you miraculously want to vanish but not without hitting a gym or doing a routine exercise. Excessive weight is not a particular problem by itself, but it increases the chances of high blood pressure and a problematic issue for your cardiovascular system as well as damage your joints and bones, that are already weak due to lack of calcium.

3. Skin Problems

Fizzy and black colas having every day has the major impact on your beautiful skin same as smoking. Consumption of soda has an inflammatory effect on the human body due to high sugar level. It easily dehydrates the skin, highlighting the wrinkles on the cheeks and under your eyes and wrinkles become more prominent. It makes you look older than your age, dull and saggy. It also creates eczema disease, causing dryness to the skin and moreover acne takes control over your face.

2. Heart and Blood Problems

An Increase in the level of bad cholesterol as this country already contains high cholesterol level food items is a proper increase in the chance of a heart attack. High blood pressure is the common symptom that you rapidly get right after having a carbonated drink. Moreover, women that consume soda are more likely to develop type-2 diabetes. Ladies, are you still sure it is a worth it drink to have on a daily basis.

1. Kidney Failure

If you are smart enough to choose the diet version of Soda and feel it is safer, then there is a mere disappointment for you as well. Zero Sugar Carbonated drink doesn’t contain sugar at all. Instead, it has the artificial sweeteners that are also unhealthy on the other side of the picture, impacting your kidneys.

So, are you still in the favor of drinking carbonated and black soda water on a regular basis! It’s time to start drinking healthier juices that will provide you with an instant energy.

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