Most of the houses in our country don’t have a better sewage system and think twice before disposing of the daily garbage. At SooperChef, we are about to warn you to never flush the below items in your sewage system. Here is the list of most common and famous items that are the major cause to ruin your sewer system. So, it’s better to use a regular garbage bin for dumping them

6. Cat Food & Litter

Cat food and litter consists of minerals, silica gel or the litter doesn’t actually dissolve in the water. That is why, it is restricted to wash it away in your regular sewer. Clay litters, when are soaked or wet, make big chunks of litter that can be a major cause to block your sewage pipes.

5. Coffee Grounds

They can easily gather inside the sewer pipes and can easily increase the chance of your sewer blockage.

4. Wet Wipes

They can also cause blockage to your sewage system. As a result, you may have to clean it thoroughly after every three months.

3. Diapers

The Formica gel inside the diapers are not dissolvable. On the other hand, it swells when soaked or wet. Thus, it blocks the pipes.

2. Q-tips

They are sticky enough to get together and block in the pipe curves. Moreover, they collect other minor garbage such as hair, thus creating a real blockage.

1. Oils and Lubricants

Lubes and cooking oils should never be washed away in your kitchen sink as they are the cause of drainage. The oil cool down with water and turns itself into greasy chunks, which will ultimately cause the blockage.

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