Especially around summers, our bodies tend to sweat a lot, and at the same time, there are a lot of people who give off a bad body odor. Most of us have felt uncomfortable at least once in our lives because of the way somebody or even ourselves smell. Although the body odor of a human being is primarily dictated by his genetics, our diet also has a direct contribution towards causing or amplifying our odor. The writing team of Pakistan’s largest online food network, sooperchef has listed some of the foods that you need to consume and which ones to steer clear of, in order to smell great and avoid a foul stench from your body.


Yogurt is great for relieving the body of bad odor as it has active cultures present in it which help lower the amount of odor-causing sulfite compounds from the body. Moreover, the presence of vitamin D in yogurt also helps battle microorganisms present in the mouth, thus helps in the reduction of bad breath. Other dairy products, like milk, on the other hand, are full of choline which can lead to a really horrible body odor.


Drinking lemon juice in water is a great way of relieving the body of bad smell as Lemons help in the detoxification of the body because of its high antioxidant tendencies, whereas the water in the juice helps flush out the toxins released.

Green Tea

By far we know that antioxidants are great for the reduction of body odor. And one great source of antioxidants is green tea. The logic behind the fact is simple: the fewer toxins the body has, the better it smells! Other caffeinated beverages on the other hand, like coffee can cause some really pungent body odor.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits not only smell and taste great but are also easily absorbed by the body, in this way; they act as a fast and effective way to perk up your general odor. Conversely, some vegetables such as pumpkins, just like milk are loaded with choline, which gets metabolized into trimethylamine. The buildup of trimethylamine in the body can cause bad body odor.

White Fish Meat

Refraining from eating red meat might have some olfactory advantages. According to a study, the body odor of men who had a meatless diet for two weeks was perceived as being much more attractive and pleasant by a group of women in comparison to the men who consumed red meat. However, digesting fish meat does not discharge the same horrible odors that are released while metabolizing red meat. So in order to keep your stench in control, it’s better to eat fish rather than red meat.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds don’t only perk up our digestive health, but also help in the development of removal of bad odor-causing toxins from the body. But not all seeds are good in this case, some seeds like pumpkin seeds have high choline content and are known as a bad odor-causing agent.

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