Are you thinking about quitting milk, butter, cheese and other dairy products from your diet? You are not the only person to think like this. Every person who is opting to go on a diet plan is having this plan on his/her mind. Yes, you want to lose weight quickly. That is the only reason to give up on dairy products. But can a diet that is dairy-free really helpful for you to lose weight, get a clear skin or make you feel good in general? Many experts have an opinion that giving up on dairy is not something to be done on an instant basis or without any cause. You could also choose from Pakistani Recipes, Chinese Recipes and Continental Recipes for your meal plans as well.

These are the five side effects you might experience while quitting dairy products from your life.

You could miss out some Important nutrients

Dairy products can be a part of healthy diet. After all, a major research recommends that adults must have at least three cups of dairy milk, cheese, or yogurt per day and they are a rich source of Vitamin D, Calcium, Protein, critically important for your bone health. If you want to swap dairy products, you must know those dark leafy veggies like collard greens and kale, and fatty fishes like salmon etc. are perfect non-dairy calcium source. Orange juice is also fortified with Vitamin D and you may also need to bump up your food intake of eggs, pulses, or salmon fish to maintain the proper protein intake.

You might lose weight

Willing to lose extra weight is often cited as a major cause to cut out dairy usage, and it really helps you out to shed out some pounds. Weight loss after quitting dairy is due to how they consume it, in what form and how much. If pizza filled with cheese and sandwiches with mayonnaise and curd were your meals and now you have replaced them with lean proteins such as whole grains, you are surely going to lose some extra weight.

You may feel less bloated

When people talk about giving up dairy, it is usually because they are feeling bloated. People with such conditions may experience gas and bloating issues, moreover severe stomach pain, diarrhea, and cramps when they use dairy products. The reason is that the lactose intolerant folks do not produce enough lactase, an enzyme that is important in breaking down a major type of sugar called lactase found in milk products. If you have such a condition that causes damage to your digestive tracts, such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease etc. you may be getting an instant relief from inflammatory bowel diseases known as IBD and other symptoms when you cut back on dairy.

Your skin may clear up

Dairy free product usage helps to fight blemishes, but the relationship between diet and acne is an ongoing source of debate among several dermatologists. However, some of them still believe that the hormones in milk products play a vital role in the formation of acne, and various people have reported a clearer complexion when they give up these foods. But, you need to still maintain a balanced diet routine with fresh fruits and veggies with fresh juices as well.

Other skin conditions may also improve

There is no such scientific proof that backs up the claim that dairy aggravates skin conditions. That said, some people suffering from eczema and psoriasis have reported fewer symptoms after they cut back or eliminate dairy usage. In general, when our skin in nourishing up, dairy is considered one of the most common food allergens along with eggs, fish, soy, peanuts, etc.) You might get the real problematic food after a few weeks of usage one by one and then cut them down from the diet.

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