Most of the times, a juicy cheeseburger with an order of crispy, hot fries simply call your name. Greasy foods are so tempting that we can devote an entire diet routine for a day or so to them. While it seems fine to give in to your cravings now and then, but it is important to know how your nutritional choices and the greasy foods in specific leaves an impact on your health. So, it is better to opt for healthy Pakistani Recipes, Chinese Recipes and Continental Recipes and we have got ample of it to try each recipe every day. Is greasy food causing you acne on your beautiful face? Why does it make your stomach upset? Moreover, why is greasy food bad for your health anyway?

At SooperChef, we are going to let you know about what eating greasy foods does to your body.

Straining your digestive system

When we intake greasy foods such as fried foods, the bulk volume of fat puts a lot of pressure on our digestive system. Fats are the most slowly digestive diet and require various enzymes and digestive juices such as stomach acid and bile, to break it down. Anything like stress to medication can lower levels of digestive juices, so most of us are deficient, to begin with it. Add the fats, and our digestive system will start working overtime with an overloaded diet in it that leads to bloating, discomfort and nausea.

Making you run towards bathroom

The most common sign of digestive strain is an unpleasant happening that none of us wants to happen. This type of food will not just sit on your stomach but in fact, it will also enter the intestines inadequately digested. Sometimes you wind up seeing oily and greasy foods in these cases. Most of us also experience stomach pain, and diarrhea after having a greasy junk meal.

This food may cause acne

Greasy food plays a major role in the development of acne. You won’t see the acne directly after having a big meal. The effect becomes indirect, occurring over time and as a result of such dietary pattern of eating. Acne is caused by hormonal imbalances or bacterial imbalance as well, so greasy foods can cause acne by the way if harming your gut health as well.

It raises your risk for heart disease and diabetes

If you are eating greasy food on a constant basis, you are likely to develop the conditions of heart diseases which can stream up from time to time. A research conducted at Harvard School of Public Health came to the fact that people who ate fried foods for almost four to six times per week saw the hype in the risk of Type 2 diabetes climbing to 39% and the risk of heart diseases surging by 23 percent. For people who are eating it on a daily basis, unfortunately, the risk is going higher and higher.

It throws your gut bacteria out of whack

This type of eating diet affects your gut bacteria, also known as our microbiome. Downing a cheeseburger with fries and fizzy drink isn’t going to help those microorganisms. Greasy foods do not contain healthy and nourishing fats that we find in healthier foods such as fishes, avocados, butter etc. Easting more refines veggie oils rather than nourishing fats tips the balance of our body and fatty acids present in it, which in turn may throw off everything, either our hormone levels to immune health.

Hope you find this article informative and will start avoiding greasy foods from now on.

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