In the care and tenderness of smooth and clear skin, sometimes what you do not put on your face is just as critical as what you do. Most of us bring in bags and bags of harmful products that we try on our faces. But less is often more with our skincare. Pampering on every new wonder cream that you apply to your face can be an irritant, creating a negative impact. There are some of the questionable and harmful products and tools that dermatologists would make a point to avoid. Here are the harmful products they say are simply a waste of money and worsen the situation of your beautiful face, eventually leading to damage your skin.

Chemical peels at home

One must never put strong chemical peels on your beautiful faces at home. Sometimes people buy medical-grade peels or creams online that are too strong to be used at home. It will cause redness and too much of the peeling will lead to long-term scarring and infectious diseases. Mostly, it would be causing allergic reactions.


You need to stay away from using a loofah or a buf puf on your face. First of all, they are too abrasive and secondly, they can actually be an irritant to your skin. Most of the people using loofahs become the patient of diseases such as eczema and these sponges also attract bacteria that can make your skin condition pretty worse as well.

Moisturizers with collagen

It is our belief that the collagen molecule is pretty much large in size to work as a topical. The active ingredient does not tend to penetrate our skins, so you are just buying an overly expensive moisturizer that is not going to help you out with your skin and it stays a waste of money as well.

Abrasive face scrubs

There is no single reason to use abrasive face scrubs for your soft and gloomy skin, that can be irritating and induces hyperpigmentation. Most of the people who tried them are now acne patients and acne can’t be scrubbed anyway as well. Your face is being irritated by its repetitive usage. Instead, you must cleanse it with a creamy wash using your hands and then you must use a washcloth to wipe out the cleanser off. Do not scrub anyway.

Micro-needling devices at Home

There is so much risk of infection from micro-needling devices as they tend to create tiny holes in your skin. Meanwhile, your skin barrier function is compromised. Dermatologists do micro-needling with proper radio frequency in their clinics in a controlled and cleaner environment and it is safe only out there.

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