Our heart is the most important organ to be considered in our body, so, make sure to keep it as healthy as possible. It is simply up to you to avoid these things that hurt your heart the most. You might quit smoking, drinking alcohol, stick to a healthy diet routine and workout. But so far, we are sure about the fact that you didn’t know there is a list of other lifestyle factors that may be taking a toll on your heart tick tock?

BetterRead has sorted out a list of some common habits that might be hurting your heart and up till now, you have left them unnoticed, plus we have also told you how to stop these habits as fast as possible.

Binge-watching TV on the couch

Even if you work out daily, for instance, you go for a walk or hit at the gym, sitting in front of your TV screens for hours can end up with a major risk of heart attack or a heart stroke. That is due to the lack of movement or sitting still might cause a negative affect on the levels of sugar and fat in your blood levels.

What to do instead: You must get up and move around or have a little walk in the lounge after every fifteen minutes.


This irritating habit at the sleep time can be a cause of sleep apnea, that is directly linked to high blood pressure, stroke, arrhythmia or even heart failure.

What to do instead: Ask your physician to screen out your sleep apnea. There are several treatments and remedies that can be an aid to get a better rest without snoring, eliminating the root problem known as apnea.

Not flossing your teeth

Gum and heart diseases are directly and strongly interlinked. In fact, they have a direct connection. The same bacteria that might cause a gum disease to your mouth may enter your bloodstream and be a cause of inflammation.

What to do instead: Take out the floss. Floss your teeth on a regular basis and you also need to have a routine checkup with your dentist as well.

Expending on fruits and veggies

People who eat more than five servings of fruit and vegetables in a day have about 20 percent low risk of cardiac diseases and strokes as compared to those who tend to eat few, up to 3 serving or low in a day.

What to do instead: Take some extra fruit and veggie salad servings into all of your meals per day.

Drinking Too Much of Alcohol

You have heard that a million of times that drinking too much of alcohol increases the chances of high blood pressure, high level of blood fats and eventually leading to cardiac failures. Even, it is haram in Islam.

What to do instead: So, if you are an alcoholic. Quit this habit as it is Haram in our religion.

Hope so you will take care of your heart in a good manner by adopting these habits.

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