It is tempting to consider this last year dinner parties that we are going to have in a couple of days before January 1st arrives and the new year begins. By the time, the new year of 2018 get started, you will consider making new goals for the rest of the year – either you are aiming for a vacation, upgrading your business, or you are about to get conscious about your diet and want to slim down or simply eat more of the healthy food for the rest of the year to keep you in shape.

BetterRead has made five easiest doable ways that you can focus and get your wellbeing back on track. Here is the list:

Re-think About your Drink

Drinking carbonated and fizzy beverages is considered as the number one factor that leaves an impact on our eating choices. As carbonated drinks make a perfect combo with junk and fast greasy foods, so you must avoid drinking such drinks. You need to avoid the habit of drinking carbonated drinks and choose fresh juices with comforting foods that are organic and rich in calories such as a healthy breakfast of omelets can make a perfect sandwich or a salad as an appetizer in the meal plans.

Intake More H2O

Moreover, as you support a healthy diet in the following year, consider intaking more water as it leads to a natural curb in your appetite. Intaking more water will flush out the excess of sodium in your body, that might help you in de-bloating, and get your digestive system to work in a proper manner. In the upcoming days, make water as a beverage of your choice if someone offers you a fizzy drink and aim for at least 2 liters of water a day. If you dislike the water plain, you can consider opting for fresh juices as it will be helpful for a clear skin to a better sleep.

Considering a healthy breakfast

Breakfast should be considered as the most vital meal of the day. According to the latest research published in the Journal of Physiology, the healthy breakfast consumption has positively impacted genes in types that aid to regulate human body’s blood sugar level and might battle against diabetes and other chronic diseases. Another research proved that the people who tend to have a healthy and large quantity of meal at the breakfast time are likely to lose their weight in comparison to those who eat a bulk of food in their dinner. So, as the new year starts, start eating energizing breakfast with the usage of milk, yogurt, omelet. Kickback your mornings with a high nutrient breakfast and you will feel energized both in physical and mental manner throughout the day.

Start Cooking for Yourself

Cooking for yourself is one of the most effective technique to take charge of your eating habits, from the ingredients up till how you are preparing the food you are going to eat. But, if full-mode of cooking is not a realistic thing that can be happening, at least commit yourself to make a simple breakfast. For instance, you can make yourself an omelet or many other recipes and believe us, SooperChef is the best ever platform that can help you to cook with their 1-minute instant cooking videos. You can cook anything from Pakistani recipes to Continental, Chinese Recipes and much more. All you need to do is download the app for free, available both for Android and iOS. This add-on to your life routine approach will help you to intake various nutrients and fibers in a better and simple way. It doesn’t even relate to dieting but one thing is for sure, you are going to be a great chef as you will master the skills of cooking delicious dishes on your own and it will create a healthy food balance.

Consider your temptation consciously

No doubt there are several chances to indulge in more and more harmful yet delicious food items such as carbonated beverages, excessive eating of sweet and desserts. Here is the catch, try ranking your temptations on a scale from zero to five, with zero being so-so, and five meaning ‘can’t live without it’. If something does not exceed a rating of at least 4, skip it. If it is not an absolute indulging, saying no is not about your willpower or quitting it. It just makes sense to have it or not. So, re-think before you eat anything that might cause harm to you in a short or long run. You don’t want a bloated stomach. Right? Or either if you’re diabetic, you don’t want a rise in your sugar level as well. Watch yourself before you eat rather having a regret afterward.

We would love to hear your comments on this new year diet resolution.

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