Do you know about the fact that most of the home appliances available in our houses lead a “secret” life and continue to keep on working even when you have properly pushed their power button? SooperChef has researched about these household appliances and discovered out which of the devices are specifically mean enough to waste your electric energy even after they are properly turned off.

5. Charging Adapter Without the Cellphone

A charging adapter usually is left in the switch socket keeps on consuming energy even when there is no device connected to it. The power consumption is minimal but still it adds up in your monthly electric bill.

4. Television or LED Screens

You already know that pushing the power button makes the LED or your TV screen to standby mode but doesn’t turns it off. It leads to the consumption of 2500 PKR worth of energy on a yearly basis.

3.Digital TV Tuner

TV tuners pursue its work after you turn them off and lead to the wastage of 2200 PKR worth of electric consumption per year. Most of us don’t even bother to switch of the turners or keep it to standby mode, always thinking that turning off the TV from the power button of the remote is sufficient. This results in average of 5 times the cost.

2.Laptops and Personal Computers

PCs and Laptops continues on working even they are properly turned off. That is why, you must unplug them and it leads to the saving of 10,000 PKR a year in your electric bill. For those, who leave their machines in a standby mode can multiply the saving figure to 1.5 times, that they have to eventually pay off while paying their electricity bill.

1.Timer Devices

Such an extremely little-noticed detail as a working timer or an alarm to wake you up from the early sleep still goes unnoticed and remain active and on 24/7. By unplugging such an electric appliance from the electric socket, you can easily save 12000 PKR on a yearly basis.

So, should you really Unplug these Devices?

Some of us may think that the above amount of money doesn’t cost that much to them, while others would be really impressed by saving these amounts. It’s worth it thing to unplug above electric devices or it may even cause a serious harm to these devices if they are burnt by power failure.Hope so, you found this article appealing and interesting enough and we are pretty sure you will save your power consumption from now on.

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