Pakistan is a land full of culture and spice. We are known for our amazing cuisine and each city has its own special dishes to offer. However, we Pakistanis are quite creative ourselves when it comes to satisfying our cravings. Following are 5 ajeeb combinations that might sound weird to a lot of people but they come with their own charm and maza
Don't knock it, unless you've tried it!

1- Naan and Coke

 Yes, you read it right. Some of us take the garam garam naan fresh out of a tandoor and dip it into a chilled glass of coke. The result is a mushy and soft piece of heaven that melts in your mouth as soon as you eat it.


2- Nutella and Marie Biscuit

Pakstanis love mixing things up. Such is the case of Nutella and Marie biscuit.Haven't heard of this combo before? Well, now you have. Take a biscuit and dip it into Nutella. Take it out with chocolate dripping all over it and pop it into your mouth. This is perfect for people with a sweet tooth and those tough times where you need some sugar therapy to get you going!


3- Chips and Soup

You know those chicken corn and hot and sour soup styrofoam cups that you can get on the streets in winter? They go just perfect with chips. Whether they be packet super crisps or the bakery potato chips- they play the role of crackers quite nicely. You coat a chip with the soup and eat it whole! By the way, if you want to make your very own delicious soup at home, check out this recipe.


4- Namak Paray and Ketchup

Sounds crazy? Well, it tastes even crazier. In the best way possible of course. When you mix the salty goodness with the bittersweet tang of ketchup, you get the best of everything all at once. To make your own namak paaray, give this recipe a try!


5- Naan Samosa

One more weirdly tasty food combo Pakistanis love is naan samosa.Naan Samosa is often a tasty snack for college students. Add in some podeenay ki chutney and you get the perfect blend of spices that bring your taste buds to life. Get the perfect naan and samosa recipe from SooperChef.

6- Pulao and Zarda combo

The perfect pulao and zarda combo that Pakstanis indulge inPulao and zarda are often eaten back to back as the main dish and then the meetha respectively. However, some Pakistanis mix it together to have both at once. The combination of sweet and salty is brilliant and leave you wanting for more. Learn to make the tastiest pulao and zarda here.

7- Shakkar and Paratha Roll

If you're in need of a quick snack, this interesting roll can be your go-to. All you have to do is to make a paratha, then take some shakkar, make a roll out of it and start munching!     

So Pakistanis, have you tried these combos? Do you have your own weirdly delicious snacks too? If yes, then let us know in the comments!


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