These 3 nutrients are considered to be the key to our immune system, that helps our sleep, brain function and much more – and they are easy to be found in our favorite foods that we eat. These discussed three nutrients are what our body needs more of. Here at SooperChef, we found out three nutrients, according to various researches conducted by a nutritionist that keep everything including from our brain to the immune system. Moreover, we are going to make sure the easy ways that you can intake them on a proper basis.

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Vitamin B

Vitamin B is the key component to boost your brain power and also protects your heart from certain diseases. B12 and folate are the most well-known of the eight B Vitamins contents. B12 aids your body to convert your food into a proper energy booster, and you also need it to make the insulation, known as myelin, that coat your nerves and helps neurons of the brain to communicate with each other. B12 deficiency is directly linked to issues like depression, confusion, and memory loss. Moreover, folate is crucial for pregnant women – but in fact, every one of us needs it on a regular basis. Folate is vital as it helps to lower the level of amino acid that can cause a heart stroke or any other harmful cardiovascular diseases.

Where Can You Get Them?

Since B12 is one of the rarest nutrients that is to be found in plants, it is very easy to find them in sources of eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, fish and red meat. Why don’t you give a try to these healthy and delectable recipes such as Pomfret Fried Fish, Scotch Eggs, and Chicken Cheese Roll to fill the deficiency of B12 in your body. Unlike B12, folate is easily available in plenty of greens like asparagus, spinach, beans and various fortified cereals. Try out Kofta Palak recipe and you will fill your appetite of Vitamin B from it.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is considered to be a perfect source for strengthening your bones and immune system as well. This Vitamin is critical for a healthy body. One of the nutrient’s vital function is to improve your ability to absorb calcium intake, that surely helps to strengthen your bones. Vitamin D is also said to be the key ingredient when it comes to regulating our immune function. There are some pieces of evidence that prove the fact that lack of Vitamin D in our body, tends to develop Crohn’s diseases, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Where Can You Get Them?

Vitamin D is tough to find directly in regular food items, Most of the D in our body is produced in response to sunlight. But still, you can get a good dose of this vitamin from the foods like egg yolks, fortified milk, orange juices that are fresh and many kinds of cereal. You can try our juice and sweetened, easy to make Ras Malai Recipe as it is a good source of Vitamin D, containing ample of milk in it.


It aids you to ease the pain symptom if you get an instant injury and also helps you to snooze in a soothing and smooth manner. Lately, it came to the fact that every insomniac around the world is popping magnesium like a crazy. While it won’t be knocking you out the way a sleeping pill might work out for you, obviously not a recommended thing to a normal human being. This powerful nutrient has been proven to relax muscles and is also well-known among people who are athletic to soothe their aching muscles. And my friend, magnesium is also helpful to quiet down the areas of your brain that keeps you awake all night long. It could add a calming and snoozed experience that helps to relieve your mind anxiety which keeps you awake at night. Magnesium may also wipe out your migraine attacks as well.

Where Can You Get Them?

Recent dietary surveys show that most of the world don’t get enough form of magnesium that is required for our bodies. It might be possible because magnesium is majorly found in high-fiber foods such as brown rice and veggies. You can taste delectable SooperChef Zarda as a source of magnesium. Make sure you eat good fats in the form of nuts that include nut butter, such as you can try mouthwatering and easy to make Chicken Cashew Nuts, that is one of the best sources of magnesium.

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