As the holy month for Muslims is about to arrive, Islam teaches us to fast from dawn to sunset, and the consumption of food and water is not allowed at all. Food items play an integral part during the fasting. Before the start of Fajr prayers, Muslims are bound to eat Sehri that keeps them energized during the complete hectic day. Majority of the people like to eat desi dishes living in Pakistan as it curbs our appetite and controls hunger in an effective manner. Moreover, foodies love to enjoy curry recipes and other delectable dishes that they can easily cook within the comfort of their homes.As the sunset is there, it calls for the Azaan of Maghrib, a time to break the fast. This type of meal is usually a celebration for fasting and struggling with a hectic long roza. Desserts are also considered to be eaten among samosas, pakoras and other fried food items. Energizing homemade juices makes the time of Iftaar so tempting and relieves your stomach with a natural cooling effect.Here is the list of top 20 Ramadan recipes for Sehri and Iftaar that you would love to have during the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

This one mouthwatering and the spicy rich flavored chicken recipe is loved by the foodies for the perfect Iftaar dinner. It is prepared via roasting the chicken that is normally marinated in the yogurt. The roasting process is done in a clay oven, commonly known as a tandoor. Watch the 1-minute instant video and get the complete recipe here.

Thandai Recipe

This pure desi delightful drink is a mix of many ingredients that provides a sensational and cooling effect on the stomach and entire body. The drink is prepared with a mix of watermelon kernels, saffron, rose petals, almonds that are grinded properly, cardamom, and sugar as a sweetener. Enjoy this drink during the holy month. Get the complete recipe here.

Chicken Cheese Paratha

Chicken Cheese Paratha is an ultimate choice for the time of Sehri and it makes the early eating so healthy, nutritious and energizing to keep you charged throughout the day, especially if you are running short of time to cook other dishes that require a lot of time. It is a perfect combination of chicken and cheese rolled inside the wheat dough to make a perfect paratha. Get the complete recipe here.

Pineapple Banana Smoothie

You can enjoy having this drink both at the time of Sehri or Iftaar. All you need is the slices of pineapple, two bananas, four tbsp raw yogurt and half cup of orange juice. Now, put all the ingredients in the blender and blend it in a thorough manner. Your delicious smoothie is ready to satisfy your thirst. Get the complete recipe here.

Mutton Ginger Recipe

Mutton is one of the most admired and eaten dishes not only in this country but it is popular across the world. Mutton word generally refers to a meat of a sheep or goat and is rich in nutritional value as it is loaded with huge amount of protein. This dish is not going to disappoint you at all. Give it a try during Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here.

Beef Pulao Recipe

Beef Pulao Recipe is same as any sort of other rice recipes such as chicken pulao, mutton pulao or veggie pulao. No doubt, it has a complete distinctive taste that differentiates it among the others on simple grounds as chopped beef pieces are added to make it taste more delectable with the addition of easily available spices within your kitchen. Try this nutritious and stomach fulfilling recipe by watching the one-minute instant cooking video. Get the complete recipe here.

Lahori Hareesa Recipe

The Lahori Hareesa Recipe is so popular as the breakfast recipe of the entire city of Lahore, but its rich taste has dominated over the desi dishes. The word ‘Harees’ is derived from the Arabian verb that translates to mashing and squashing. It was firstly originated in the kingdom of Saudia Arabia. The recipe consists of basic ingredients and an ample time for proper cooking as it includes coarsely ground wheat that is left to cook overnight and then final touching is done by simmering in water altogether with butter and meat. Get the recipe of Lahori Hareesa here.

Patiala Chicken Recipe

Patiala Chicken Recipe is unique of its own kind. It is a traditional Punjabi cooking style recipe with the most delicious taste to mesmerize your taste buds during the time of Iftaar. It makes a perfect combo when served with raita, salad, naan or roti. Get the best ever Patiala Chicken here.

Beef Shami Kabab Recipe

Beef Shami Kabab Recipe is unique and a must try to taste as we are tired of tasting chicken Shami kabab recipes for most of our lives. All you need is minced beef and basic spices to make a Shami kabab out of it. Then it is covered with a beaten egg to stick its shape. It is a perfect appetizer for the time of Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here.

3 Types of Pakoras

There are three types of pakora recipes covered under 3 types of pakoras. Number one comes chili pakora with a covering of gram flour or chickpea flour over spicy hot green chilies to serve your taste buds right with a tasty and spicy flavor. Aalo pakora recipe is simple as the potatoes are sliced into thin layers and covered with gram flour added together with other basic spices. The last but not the least comes Baingan pakora recipe. Baingan is covered with the layering of gram flour mixed with basic spices to give it a tender and mesmerizing taste. You can taste them with chutney, ketchup or any sort of sausage. Get the complete recipes here.

Jaggery Rice Recipe

Jaggery rice recipe is one of the most famous dishes of Punjabi origin. It is also known as Gurr walay chawal. It is made with Gurr or Jaggery and rice with the addition of dry fruits to make its taste most delicious and mouthwatering. Get the complete recipe here.

Mutton Pulao Recipe

Mutton pulao or sometimes known as mutton biryani is among the most famous and widely eaten recipe across the nation and its procedure of preparation varies from one region to another. You need to try the best ever mutton pulao recipe that SooperChef has to offer you by watching one-minute instant cooking video. Get the complete recipe here.

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun is one of the most mouthwatering and tastiest desserts to be tried if you have a sweet tooth during the time of Iftaar. This recipe is so simple to make within the comfort of your home that you are going to fall in love with this pleasurable recipe. Watch the 1-minute instant cooking video and prepare Gulab Jamuns at home.

Quick Chana Chat Recipe

This sweet and sour recipe is a real treat for all the family during the holy month of Ramadan and the dining table seems incomplete without this delicious recipe. The recipe is prepared by the mix of basic ingredients such as boiled chickpeas, lime juice, zeera powder, green capsicum, red chilies, green chilies, and other basic ingredients with chat masala to be added for sure. Get the complete recipe of Chana Chat and do give a try to this unique recipe at your Iftaar time.

Chicken Korma Recipe

This one curry recipe is loved by the foodies all across the nation. Although it taste and preparation procedure varies from one region to another, but it makes a perfect combo to be served with mint raita, yogurt, naan, roti, and salad. Get the complete recipe here.

Omelette 2 Ways Recipe

These are the two different types of omelet prepared in two different ways. Check this nutritious and healthy recipe to kickstart your long hot day for the Roza. It is a full dose of protein to keep your hunger cravings in a routine manner. It is best served with any type of paratha that is made and best served with a chilled glass of lassi to make your day satisfying with hunger. Get the complete recipe here.

Salad 3 Ways Recipe

One can never forget the importance of salads to be served during the time of Sehri and Iftaar. These are three different and delicious type of salads that you really need to try preparing within the comfort of your kitchen. The salads are so nutritious as they are a mix of complete healthy portions of required ingredients for our human body to battle the entire Roza and overcome the energy deficiency at the time of Iftaar. Try all of the three salads and you won’t be disappointed with their rich and nutritious healthy taste. Get the complete recipe here.

Chicken Keema Paratha Recipe

All you need for a perfect Sehri is a Chicken Qeem Paratha to be served to fulfill your hunger cravings. Chicken Keema Paratha is made with minced chicken that is covered in a dough of wheat flour and cooking it in a pan or tawwa. It is so rich and nutritious in taste that you are going to demand more of it for your Sehri. Get the complete recipe here.

White Handi Recipe

White Handi recipe is one of the most popular and traditional dishes that is loved by the foodies across the whole nation. This curry recipe is so simple and delicious to be tried at the time of Iftaar and it is perfect to be served as a main course meal for Iftaar dinner. The recipe requires a mix of basic ingredients. Learn and cook white handi recipe that SooperChef has to offer you by clicking here.

Navratan Mix Vegetable Recipe

One of the perfect dish to be tried during this Ramadan if you love to eat veggies is Navratan Mix Veggie Recipe. It is prepared by a wide range of veggies that includes, beans, peas, cauliflower, cabbage that are mixed with basic spices such as red and black pepper, cumin and hot spices. Finally, it is garnished with green capsicum, mint leaves and it is all set to be served for Sehri or Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here.


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