There is a reason why Muslims know pomegranate as the “fruit from heaven”, it has been mentioned in the Quran and used for thousands of years as a wonder fruit with great healing tendencies and for other medical purposes. This tasty fruit comes in two colors, blood red, and white, and found all over the Middle East, Asia and many other parts of the world. Studies related to Pomegranate have shown that it can be a great remedy for healing inflammations and prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Here at SooperChef, we are about to give you ten such reasons that will make you fall in love with this beautify fruit and you will have it every day.

1. It is Rich in Antioxidants

Did you ever wonder what gives the pomegranate a bright red color? It is because of the powerful antioxidants, known as polyphenols, present in it. Pomegranates have a higher density of antioxidants than most of the other fruits; it has three times more antioxidants than red wine and green tea. These antioxidants help remove free radicals from the body, reduce inflammation and shield the cells against damage.

2. Loaded with Vitamin C

The juice from a single pomegranate contains an amount of Vitamin C which is 40 percent more than the average daily requirement for a normal human being.

3. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

The high number of antioxidants present in the pomegranate fruit is believed to protect memory and stall the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. Consuming eight ounces of pomegranate juice every day also improves learning ability and other brain functions.

4. Improves Digestion

Pomegranate is one of the best remedies for improvement of digestion and reduction of inflammation. It is also beneficial for patients with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and other inflammatory bowel ailments.

5. Prevents Heart Diseases

Pomegranate juice is known as one of the top “heart-healthy” juices as it is known to regulate blood flow and prevents the arteries from becoming narrow and thick. It also reduces the plaque deposition and cholesterol buildup in the arteries, so if you want a healthy ticker, have some pomegranate juice now.

6. Controls Blood Pressure

Because of its high antioxidant content and heart-friendly nature, pomegranate juice is known to reduce systolic blood pressure.

7. Rich in Vitamins

One of the best reasons to add pomegranate in your daily diet is that it is loaded with vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. It is also a great source of folate and potassium.

8. Great for Endurance Sports

If you think that tart cherry and beet juice are the best natural drinks for improved endurance and sports stamina, then you haven’t tried pomegranate juice yet. It reduces oxidative damage done by heavy exercises and improves the process of strength recovery. Apart from being a great sports enhancer, pomegranate juice also plays a great part in reducing post-workout soreness from the body.

9. Cure for Diabetes

For centuries, the pomegranate was used as a remedy for diabetes in India and Middle Eastern territories. This is because it of the tendency to reduce insulin resistance and control blood sugar.

10. Cancer Prevention

Pomegranate recently made headlines when it was discovered that it can help in the prevention of cancer and stoppage of growth of prostate cancerous cells. Although different studies have been conducted, the results are still preliminary.

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