At SooperChef, we love giving you better ideas about how to recycle and repurpose old household items into handy explicit ideas. Try these 10 genius recycling craft ideas to reuse old household items.

10. Use Rubber Bands to Prevent Clothes Falling off the Hangers.

It’s an easy and a helpful life hack. The rubber band helps to prevent clothes from slipping out of the hanger.

9. Turn a Colorful Colander into a Flower Basket.

Stylish, colorful and cheap method. Spray paint your old unused colander, then line it with the landscaping cloth, attach some strong chains to it, and hang them with your beautiful flowers.

8. Create a Hairpin Holder.

Abandon flyaways with a handy bobby pin pack for your favorite collection of handbags. You just need to replace them with some patterned tape and voila.

7. Organize your Jeans with Shower Hooks.

You can easily organize your jeans by using these inexpensive shower hooks as an instant way to grab them in the morning. You can hang them by the belt loop to avoid creasing of your jeans.

6. Repurpose Mason Jars into a Trendy Herb Garden.

You can reuse your old mason jars into a trendy herb garden to make delicious dishes.

5. Turn an Old Glasses Case into a Sewing Kit

You can easily turn your old glasses case into a beautiful and compact sewing kit to fix out any broken garment.

4. Magical Mason Jar Lanterns

One can easily create a magical and vibrating aura in your backyard space while using these enchanting mason jar lights.

3. Easy Dust Collector

You must never spill your drop of dust by using the technique of this folded post-it note. Paste it to your wall with the tape to make it sure that the dust doesn’t hits the floor.

2. Moisture-Absorbing Chalk to Fight Tarnishing

One can wrap up two bits of chalk in some cheesecloth and then you can add them to your silver ware. It will fight against tarnishing.

1. Make a Stylish Earring Holder

Remove the glass from the picture frame with proper care, and then thread wire from one side of the frame to the other. You can also add dangly earrings for a shabby chic display.

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