There are various items available in our kitchen that we use on a daily basis. They are very ordinary and it seems that they are quite harmless, and we have never imagined about the fact that how hazardous it can be. We at SooperChef have decided to share this piece of information with you that you must remain careful while using the items listed below. It will for sure change your habit while using them.

10. Plastic Food Storage Containers

While making plastic storage items flexible, many of the manufacturers add specific chemicals while making it, which is a cause of serious health problems. It’s unhealthy to keep your food in plastic containers. We are sure about the fact that you don’t want chemicals to go inside your body that can be easily mixed with food.

9. Kitchen Sink

If waste food particles stay in your sink and add up in the dishes for a limited time period, they start to create bacteria and many other harmful infections. Therefore, the kitchen sink must be clean and a regular cleaning on a daily basis will help it out.

8. Knives

Your knives must always stay sharp for cutting meat, vegetable, fruits and other items available in the kitchen. If they are not sharp enough, they may slip out while you are trying to cut out certain food item that can cause a severe damage to your hands or other body parts.

7. Sponges

The average sponge in our kitchen has bacteria and it grows rapidly. Rinsing it with dishes doesn’t prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying. To kill bacteria, the method is to microwave the wet sponge or sink it in a diluted bleach liquid for couple of minutes, or you can even just put it in a dishwasher for a long period of time.

6. Hand Towels

Kitchen towels are one of the major dirtiest object placed in your kitchen. You touch and use them all the time, even before and after washing your hands and use it again while cooking your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner. That is the main reason for bacteria to get into your food. It’s compulsory to wash, rinse and dry it with the washing powder on a regular basis.

5. Gas Oven

Never ever forget to check that if you have turned your gas oven off before going to sleep or leaving your house. It will keep you and your family safe from dangers of the gas leakage from the burners.

4. Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are no doubt powerful item that is to be used in the kitchen. It’s better to stay safe while using it and keep your beautiful fingers away while grinding the meat. It always consists of a special tool to push the meat down into the grinder to get minced meat, that you have to use while preventing your hands to get damaged.

3. Nonstick Cookware

Overheated Teflon cookware can emit real toxic and dangerous smoke. So, as an alternate, it is best to use some old style and well-tried cookware to prevent fumes while cooking your lunch, dinner or your favorite meal.

2. Garbage or Dump Disposal

This main thing is only to be used to dump out garbage. You must never put your fingers while dumping waste in the disposal. Even if you are trying to dispose something filthy or residue, don’t try to pull it out with bare hands. It’s better to wear disposable gloves or use paper towel instead.

1. Cutting Boards

It’s better to use separate cutting boards for cutting or slicing meat and vegetables. Raw meat consists of bacteria that is a cause of serious illness as you cut it with your bare hands. Moreover, never use cracked or damaged boards as it can be a major cause of bacterial multiplication.


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